God Says ➨A Serious Danger is Coming Towards You

my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my beloved child I look upon you

with a father’s infinite boundless love

that transcends the vast expanse of the


itself you are my most cherished

Treasures lovingly formed and fashioned

by my own hands knit together with

intricate care and eternal purpose in

this world that can often seem harsh

unforgiving and devoid of light I am

calling you my sons and daughters to

arise as radiant beacons emanating the

brilliant warmth of my unfailing love

through the bright infectious Smiles

that Adorn your faces I am intimately

acquainted with the Myriad struggles and

fierce battles you face each day the

overwhelming trials and gut-wrenching

Sorrows that weigh heavily upon your

soul Souls like anchors dragging you

down into the turbulent depths this

Fallen World is indeed a harsh place at

times pervaded by the creeping tendrils

of Darkness that desperately seek to

extinguish the Divine flame burning

within you the inextinguishable light of

my glorious

presence but hear me clearly my most


ones you must never allow the

encroaching Shadows of this temporal

realm to overcome you or dim your

brilliant shine you were lovingly

created to be luminous lights shining

ambassadors radiating the Eternal hope

found only in me to a world caught in

the firm grip of utter

despair when the ominous clouds of

sorrow and pain threaten to blot out the

sun of Joy rising in your hearts be

reminded that I am forever with you

closer than the very air you

breathe my

Almighty loving presence is an

unshakable constant a

powerful shelter in Refuge from the

Raging storms of

life I am your

rock your

Fortress the unassailable strength that

will never fail or falter draw deeply

from the Everlasting Wellspring of my

perfect love and allow its life-giving

Waters to continually nourish and

replenish your weary Souls keeping the

Bright Smiles that Adorn your faces

vibrant alive and hopeful your smiles my

beloved children

are truly powerful forces to be reckoned

with Mighty weapons in the spiritual

battle against the Insidious Darkness

always seeking to engulf this hurting

world when your lips curve upward in

joyful Smiles you are reflecting the

radiant Glory of your heavenly father’s

loving countenance type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you your smiles are portals

through which others are granted a

glimpse of the Eternal unbridled joy and

pleasures that await all who walk in

unwavering obedience to my ways never

underestimate the transformative impact

of your smiles for they possess the

power to disarm even the most deeply

rooted hatred lingering in human hearts

you’re bright genuine expressions of

love and warmth have the ability to melt


Frozen callous hearts of those who have

grown bitterly cold and indifferent to

my love your smiles have the power to

awaken Souls deadened by the harsh

realities of this Fallen World

just a simple act of

kindness an authentic smile filled with

my love and truth can be the spark that

ignites an inextinguishable flame of

hope within a soul previously lost in

utter darkness and despair a single

smile can be the first step on the path

that ultimately leads someone out of the

ens snaring lies of the enemy and Into

The Marvelous Light of my glorious

freedom and

Grace Remember You are not alone in this

crucial mission of striving to change

the world through the transformative

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