God Says ➨ You’ll Lose Everything If You Skip |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child it is I your heavenly

father speaking to you I see the trials

and tribulations you face in this world

and my heart aches for the burdens you

carry but take heart my precious ones

for I am with you and my love and power


Limitless I know that the Journey of

Faith is not an easy

one the path is often shrouded in

uncertainty beset by obstacles and paved

with challenges that can shake even the

most steadfast

believer you look at the mountains

before you and wonder how you will ever

climb them you stare into the darkness

and fear being overcome by the

shadows in those moments it is natural

to question whether your faith is strong

enough whether you have what it takes to

persevere but I say to you my

children do not be discouraged for it is

precisely in those moments of doubt and

difficulty that your faith shines the

brightest it is when the way forward is

obscured when the future seems uncertain

that your trust in me becomes the very

thing that sustains you and guides you

to the other side you see faith is not

about taking the easy route

no faith is about taking The Road Less

Traveled the one that requires courage

resilience and an unshakable belief in

my power and my plan Faith doesn’t make

things easy my dear ones it makes them

possible when you walk in faith you are

not relying on your own strength but on

mine you are not following your own

limited understanding but trusting in my

Infinite Wisdom if you believe in God

then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments think

back to the great Heroes of your faith

those who have gone before you and left

a legacy of unwavering trust in me

Abraham who left the comfort of his home

to venture into the unknown guided only

by my

promise Moses who stood before pharaoh

and demanded the freedom of my people

even as the odds seemed

insurmountable David who faced the

mighty Goliath with with nothing but a

sling and a steadfast belief in my

protection time and

again these Giants of Faith encountered

challenges that would have crushed the

spirit of the most

Resolute and yet they persevered because

they knew that with me all things are

possible and you my beloved children are


different you are heirs to that same

Legacy of Faith called to carry on the

torch of those who have gone before you

the trials you face may be unique to

your time and your

circumstances but the strength that

sustains you is the same the strength

that comes from placing your trust in me

The God Who created the heavens and the

Earth The God Who Parts the Seas and

moves mountains so I say to you do not

be afraid do not let the size of the

obstacles before you diminish the power

of the God who stands beside you when

the road is long and the way is

uncertain remember the words of my son

Jesus who

said I Am With You Always to the very

end of the

age no matter how dark the night no

matter how steep The Climb I am there

guiding your steps strengthening your

resolve and pushing you

onward and as you walk in

faith I want you to know that you are

not alone you are part of a vast and

Vibrant Community of believers bound

together by the unbreakable thread of my

love your brothers and sisters in Christ

stand with you lifting you up in

prayer encouraging you in your moments

of doubt and celebrating with you in


triumphs together as you are a force to

be reckoned with a testament to the

power of faith and the transformative

work of my spirit but my dear

children I know that the path of faith

is not without its challenges

there will be times when the weight of

the world seems to Bear down on you when

the darkness threatens to extinguish the

flame of your hope in those moments I

urge you to cling to me even more

tightly remember the words of the

psalmist who

wrote God is our refuge in strength an

everpresent help in trouble if you want

God’s grace to be a constant in your

life a steady guiding force then please

consider supporting our ministry by

clicking the thanks button draw near to

me my children and I will draw near to

you immerse yourselves in my word for it

is a lamp to your feet and a light to

your path lift your voices in praise and

worship for in doing so you connect with

the very heartbeat of heaven and when

the burden seems too heavy to

bear come to me in prayer for I’m always

listening always ready to pour out my

grace and provision upon you I know that

the road ahead may seem daunting

but I promise you that I will never

leave you or forsake you I will be your

strength when you are weak your comfort

when you are weary your everpresent help

in times of trouble and as you walk in

faith putting your trust in me you will

see mountains moved storms calmed and

barriers broken down for you see my

children faith is not about the absence

of difficulty but the presence of my


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