God Says ➨ You Will Lose Everything If You Skip

stay tuned my beloved child because

these words from God will bring you

comfort strength and guidance let these

Divine messages fill your heart and mind

and watch this video Until the End to

receive God’s infinite love and wisdom

my precious child I want you to know

that from the very moment you were

conceived I have been with you as your

creator I crafted you with the utmost

care and love you are a unique master

Masterpiece designed for a specific

purpose my presence in your life is

unwavering a constant source of strength


comfort whether you are aware of it or

not I am always there watching over you

guiding you and loving you with an

everlasting love even in the moments

when you feel distant from me know that

I am closer than your next breath my

heart is filled with boundless love for

you and I take great Delight in being a

part of your life

you are never alone for I your creator

am always with you there will be times

in your life when you may feel isolated

or abandoned the world can be a lonely

place and you may struggle with feelings


solitude but take heart my child for you

are never truly

alone I walk with you through every

Valley and stand beside you on every

Mountaintop my presence is a constant

companion a source of unending support

and love when you wake up in the morning

I am there to greet you as you go about

your day I am there to guide your steps

and when you lay down to rest at night I

am there to watch over you every moment

of your life is infused with my presence

you can lean on me talk to me and find

comfort in knowing that I am always with

you together we can face anything that

comes your way life is a tapestry woven

with both Joy and

sorrow there will be moments of great

happiness where your heart feels light

and your spirit Soares in these times I

am with you sharing in your joy and

rejoicing with you my love amplifies

your happiness making each joyful moment

even more precious conversely there will

be times of Sorrow when your heart is

heavy and tears flow freely in these

moments I am also with you holding you

close and offering my comfort my

presence is a balm for your soul

soothing your pain and bringing you

peace whether you are laughing or

crying celebrating or Mourning know that

I am always there surrounding you with

my love and care you are never alone in

your emotions for I experienced them

with you life can be confusing and

disorienting and there will be times

when you feel lost and unsure of which

direction to take in these moments of UN

certainty remember that I am your guide

I am the light that illuminates your

path the voice that Whispers In Your

Heart leading you towards the right

direction type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you when you feel overwhelmed by the

choices before you turn to me I will

provide you with the clarity and wisdom

you need to make the right

decisions trust in my guidance for I

know the way that lies

ahead I have a plan for your life a

purpose that is Uniquely Yours when you

place your trust in me you will find

that the path becomes clear and the

journey becomes more

manageable you are never truly lost for

I’m always here to guide you darkness is

an inevitable part of The Human

Experience there will be times when the

world seems shrouded in Shadow and hope

feels distant but even in in the darkest

moments my light is there to lead you my

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