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my cherished child today I urge you

Embrace courage and boldness let not

fear nor hesitation sway you behold for

doors are unfolding before you

opportunities bestowed from the

Divine place your complete trust in me

and I shall bestow blessings upon you

beyond your wildest

imagination at the break of dawn I shall

bless your Rising I shall accompany you

on your journey guiding you safely to

your destination your endeavors shall be

blessed your intellect sharpened and a

Divine Radiance shall Grace your

countenance as countless opportunities

unfurl before you know this my love for

you is unwavering Eternal and pure I

desire nothing but the best for you you

may Harbor hesitations born from past

disappointments which may have tested

your faith left you feeling undeserving

and dampened your spirit

but now Ponder

deeply and answer me this who laid down

their life for you who Whispers Solace

amidst your trials who fights tirelessly

on your behalf who tenderly caresses

your brow lifting you from

despair whose love fills your heart with

the profound Joy you experience

today let me ask once more Who Bore the

weight of the

Cross sacrificing themselves for you

declare it

boldly it is


God Rest

assured I Harbor no embarrassment for

you while many May beseech and

plead only I possess the power to bestow

upon you enduring


therefore seek not blessings in feudal

places nor Surrender Your Heart to

hollow Promises of

Love guard your innermost thoughts from

untrustworthy companions if you believe

in God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments my love

and blessings are not contingent upon

your Perfection but rather stem from my

boundless affection for you my Divine

Purpose and my steadfast dedication to

your well-being your prayers and

expressions of gratitude deeply move and

Delight me how wonderful it is to have a

child who prioritizes their love for me

your bravery and devotion Merit an

everlasting reward yet for now as you

tread upon the Earth call out to

me and I shall

answer ask of me whatever your heart

desires for I am eager to shower you

with Abundant Blessings instilling

within you the confidence to face each

day secure in the knowledge of my

presence by my grace I have chosen and

summoned you to fulfill the purpose I

ordained for you before the dawn of time

just as the sun ascends in its Splendor

so shall your future

rise and you shall witness the

realization of your deepest aspirations

believe in this Truth for it is wholly

attainable your age or perceived

imperfections matter not in my eyes I

have bestowed upon you a spirit of power

and love enabling You To Boldly Proclaim

all that I have wrought in your life

silence is not an option as you Proclaim


message anticipate my blessings for I

have endowed you not with a spirit of

timidity but of power love and

self-discipline you are saved by my

grace there is no room for fear or

hesitation in The Labyrinth of life’s

trials and tribulations it’s easy to

feel consumed by the shadows of defeat

cast by our

adversaries yet in the midst of

adversity there exists an opportunity to

summon the courage that lies within us

to stand tall in the face of challenges

and to confront obstacles with

unwavering faith and

determination it is through this

steadfast resolve that we can transcend

our circumstances and emerge

Victorious this Victor’s mindset holds

the power to dismantle the walls of

conflict that besiege us and to Usher

out those sources of distress that

linger in our lives moreover as we

Embrace this mindset we open ourselves

to the transformation of our financial

circumstances Paving the way for a new

era characterized by freedom

abundance and divine provision embedded

within this truth is a simple yet

profound request the cultivation of

Faith No matter how small it may

seem amidst the cacophony of doubt and

negativity that often assails our

thoughts and hearts it is imperative

that we Safeguard our inner sanctum from

their corrosive

influence this entails fostering an

environment of mutual support within our

households where uplifting words and

encouragement abound and pessimism finds

no foothold as the day wanes and night

descends I urge you to retreat into the

sanctuary of prayer and reflection

allowing these words to resonate within

you let the weight of emotion wash over

you as you surrender to the gentle

Embrace of a loving

presence and when the morning sun

illuminates The Horizon once more Let It

find you renewed and

invigorated ready to embrace the day

with a heart overflowing with gratitude

and anticipation for the Wonders that

lie ahead yes shed your tears if need be

for they are the raw expression of the

turmoil within your soul dear child if

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comment do not conceal your struggles

from me for I am here to Bear witness to

your pain and to offer solace in your

darkest moments know that you do do not

walk this path alone with my guidance

you can navigate even the most daunting

of challenges and emerge stronger on the

other side for in surrendering to me you

find the strength to rise above

adversity and to realize the boundless

potential that resides within you now is

the moment of your Liberation where the

shackles of scorn and contempt No Longer

bind you feel the weight lift from your

shoulders as you embrace the truth that

the king of Heaven endured unfathomable

suffering for your sake and I too bore

the cross so that you may truly live let

the courage I impart to you surge

through your veins igniting healing and


today I bestow upon you the strength and

resilience to walk away from the sources

of your pain and sorrow Stand Tall

knowing that I fill you with peace and

Fortitude unassailable by any who seek

to steal your joy

I stand beside you ready to listen to

your deepest thoughts to comfort you in

your moments of Doubt or to hold you

close as you release your tears know

this I will bless you

abundantly fear not but face each

challenge with unwavering

Faith declare your belief in me and

continue to fight until the very end in

my boundless love and

forgiveness you will always find Solace

and strength

it is my Divine will that you

persevere my fervent desire that you

confront your adversaries headon do not

linger in the shadows of your past

failures nor allow the words of those

who sought to harm you to Echo in your

mind they were but instruments of pain

wielded by the

enemy rise from your confinement for you

are destined for greater things in the

sacred chamber of Eternity where

Whispers of Divine Purpose Echo know

that your presence was no mere

coincidence from the expanse of time’s

tapestry I plucked you a soul set apart

woven with threads of resilience and

marked by the touch of

Miracles each moment you’ve walked this

Earth I’ve whispered assurances of my

unwavering love hoping they would

resonate deep within your spirit if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel now amidst the

tumult of existence as falsehoods assail

and adversaries Advance it is imperative

for you to grasp the veracity of my

words they are not mere ephemeral

promises but truths as solid as the

foundations of

creation the Marvels you’ve witnessed

etched upon the canvas of your life bear

witness to the depths of my

affection every guiding hand every

Shield against adversity every Embrace

of love these are but manifestations of

my profound Devotion to you

in the eyes of the world you may be

overlooked undervalued or even

scorned yet in my gaze you are cherished

beyond measure your worth transcends the

confines of mortal comprehension for you

are precious in my sight lean not upon

the shifting Sands of human opinion but

upon the Bedrock of my promise let the

truth of your value permeate your being

as tears of recognition flow freely for

countless are the instances where I have

reached out to you with care protection

and boundless

affection my commitment to guide support

and cherish you knows no bounds trust in

this immutable Truth for my love endures

the ravages of time and Circumstance

though trials may assail you stand firm

upon the rock of my promises with

unwavering Faith confront each obstacle

knowing that as it crumble blessings

shall rain down upon you like Mana from

the heavens time Relentless in its March

carries forth the dance of life yet with

each Dawn a new symphony unfolds a

melody of Grace of resilience and of

unyielding hope in the tapestry of your

existence I am ever

presentent a constant companion through

the darkest of nights and the brightest

of days through storms and gentle

breezes is alike so hold fast to the

sacred scripture written upon your heart

for it proclaims my eternal presence

beside you guiding your steps with love



anticipate dear one for the days ahead

are Laden with blessings yet

Untold in the communion of Prayer in the

Harvest of your faith and in the

laughter that shall echo through the

corridors of your soul know that my love

for you remains unshakable

for you are chosen beloved and cherished

a beacon of light in a world veiled in

Shadows destined for Joy beyond

measure amen my child click on the join

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