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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my dearest child fear not for

the burdens weighing heavily upon your

heart have been tenderly lifted by my

hand it is my fervent wish that you

relinquish all your worries

anxieties and Sorrows unto me allow the

comforting Embrace of my Holy Spirit to

Encompass you offering feeling and

Solace that reaches the depths of your

soul in the recesses of your being

Sparks of determination to Live to Rise

to fight and to conquer shall be ignited

behold I am Paving New Paths before you

however it is imperative that you

recognize your intrinsic value and Grant

yourself another

opportunity embrace the boundless Grace

that I bestow upon you and embrace the

liberating gift of my forgiveness

release any lingering shackles of guilt

stemming from moments of falter knowing

that your remorse is sincere and deeply

felt trust in my unwavering love and

guidance for I shall lead you towards

the Brilliance of a renewed Dawn where

hope flourishes and Triumph awaits type

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people so that God can help you in the

sanctum of my boundless love I tenderly

release the weight of your past trans

transgressions like a gentle breeze

erasing traces upon the shore I cleanse

your slate of all former missteps and

faults no longer shall they haunt our

shared Journey for I choose to look upon

you with eyes unclouded by judgment In

My Embrace you find Solace from the

needless ache of yester years I am the

harbinger of Liberation the Healer of


unseen with me you Traverse the path

unburdened your spirit Unshackled from

the chains of

remorse fear not the trials that lie

ahead for I am your unwavering guide

your steadfast Ally in the face of

adversity be it challenge or adversary

they shall not dim the radiant Joy I

have reserved for you place your trust

in my promise for even in moments

obscured by doubt the dawn of

fulfillment draws

nearer a Celestial Symphony awaits a

crescendo of bliss yet unknown

henceforth I anoint you with the sacred

oil of blessings infusing your being

with the Divine Essence that flourishes

with each passing day behold the

unfolding of Miracles as my power takes

root within you unfurling pedals of

strength and Grace Feel The Surge of

Vitality coursing through your veins

invigorating every fiber of your being

as you Embrace each Dawn your spirit

will be enlivened your mind refreshed

with Newfound clarity

the promises laid before you will no

longer be distant Whispers but tangible

truths waiting to be grasped in this

season of your journey the road ahead

will unfold with a profound sense of

purpose like a map revealed in the

Morning Light your path will become

unmistakably clear guiding you towards

your destined destination your actions

will align effortlessly with your inner

calling as you stride confidently

towards the Fulfillment of your purpose

know this for it is affirmed the trials

that once weighed heavily upon your

shoulders have now been weathered the

storms have passed leaving in their wake

a fertile ground primed for abundance

your toils have not been in vain for

they have sown the seeds of prosperity

that shall soon bear fruit reflect upon

the chapters of your past where pain and

partings were your constant

companions though tears may have been

shed and farewells exchanged each

goodbye was but a Prelude to the joyous

reunions that await for every soul that

departed countless blessings stand ready

to take their place filling the void

with renewed hope and boundless

possibilities so Stand Tall dear

traveler for your journey is far from

over embrace the dawn of this new

chapter with unwavering resolve knowing

that with each step forward you draw

closer to the Bountiful Harvest awaiting

you in the tapestry of your life

there have been threads of Despair woven

into the fabric moments where the

Shadows seem to stretch

endlessly yet today stands as a

testament to your resilience a day where

Victory unfurls its Banner in The Winds

of Triumph no Spectre of the future can

piler the blessings that await you for

your convictions now stand fortified

sturdy pillars of belief if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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clicking thanks button you have not

merely skimmed the surface of my

teachings rather you have delved deep

Plumbing the depths of understanding

your familiarity with my word has bred a

profound comprehension of what lies

ahead for you and your kin every member

of your household holds

significance intricately interwoven into

the grand tapestry of my Divine Design I

beseech you be fortified in Courage and

steadfastness serving as a beacon of

strength to all who dwell within your

Abode let it be known that these

blessings are not the capricious whims

of Fate but the sweet fruits of your

unwavering Faith unwavering loyalty


repentance and Resolute turning away


Darkness the shadows of your past shall

never again cast their pa over your

life though some among your family may

yet waver they stand on the cusp of

transformation needing only to seek me a

little more fervent ly when they humbly

prostrate themselves before my presence

I shall bestow upon them the gift of

discernment granting them the capacity

to truly know me not merely through

hearsay but in the palpable realm of

spirit and truth if you believe that God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel in the sanctum of your dwelling

there dwell others who may find

themselves at the crossroads of critical

decisions recognize their imperfections

and steer clear of detri mental

influences I shall bestow upon you an

abundance of love and forbearance

enabling you to communicate with them

what I have enjoined upon you with

gentleness and

compassion refrain from assuming the

role of their judge I dispatch you not

to condemn and ostracize but to extend a

helping hand if your love and faith in

me are steadfast grasp the Verity that

every individual Harbors the potential


transformation to those who sincerely


I extend the offer of a fresh

beginning open wide the gates of your

heart and seize the opportunity to

nurture your dear

ones offer prayers on their behalf

secure in the belief that I shall

intervene in their

lives as the hour arrives for parting

ways exhibit kindness and

grace allow me to labor within the

recesses of their

souls trust that I shall not forsake you

I shall impart Revelations through the

medium of Dreams concerning your kin

along your journey you shall encounter

Souls from yest years reuniting with

those long

estranged as you encounter them welcome

them warmly with a genuine smile

extending your hand in a gesture of

friendship and

solidarity if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the

comments deliver my message with utmost

sincerity conveying my profound

affection for each of them let them know

that their presence is cherished and I

am eager to Breathe new life into their


Souls acknowledge the battles they

silently fight

within the burdens weighing heavily on

their hearts and the shadows of Despair

clouding their

minds assure them that in this very

moment amidst their struggles lies the

opportunity for transformation and

renewal the past is but a memory and the

future awaits their embrace yet it is

the present that beckons them to open

their hearts to

me encourage them to confront their

imperfections with

humility for it is in acknowledging

their mistakes that they pav the path

toward healing and

Redemption even in the busiest of

moments remind them of the power of

prayer a simple yet profound connection

to the Divine capable of transcending


circumstance may your word serve as

seeds of faith swn in the fertile soil

of their hearts

destined to flourish into mighty trees

of strength and

resilience trust in my guidance for I

have already orchestrated the resolution

of their

concerns Embrace each day with a spirit

of Tranquility knowing that miraculous

blessings are on the brink of

unfolding witness the beauty of life’s

wonders as they unfurl before your eyes

filling your soul with boundless joy and

gratitude raise your hands in

Jubilation honoring my sacred name with

every breath and so it is with

unwavering faith that we affirm this

truth amen my child click on the join

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