God Says ➨ Those Who Skip Will Go to Hell

my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my precious child drawn to me

through the redeeming power of my son’s

sacrifice I call out to you today with a

truth that will resonate in the depths

of your

being it is a message that speaks

directly to the struggles you face as my

followers as those who have chosen the

narrow path of Faith amidst a world that

often seeks to lead you

astray I know the battles that wage

within your hearts and

Minds I see the moments when doubt

Creeps in like an unwelcome Intruder

casting its Dark Shadow over your dreams


aspirations it is in those fragile

moments my beloved ones that I reach out

to you wrapping you in my eternal

Embrace reminding you that with me as

your constant

companion your Guiding Light The

Impossible becomes not just a fleeting

possibility but an absolute

inevitability look around you my

children and bear witness to the wonders

of my

creation the intricate tapestry of life

that I have lovingly woven strand by

strand from the vast expanses of the

cosmos where galaxies and stars perform

their Celestial dance in Perfect Harmony

to the delicate microscopic world where

the building blocks of existence reveal

layer upon layer of profound complexity

you are surrounded by a symphony of the

impossible made

manifest is it not a breathtaking Marvel

that the planets and moons obey the laws

I have ordained their movements

choreographed with such Precision that

eclipses and Cosmic alignments can be

predicted centuries in

advance is it not an awe inspiring

miracle that life itself exists at all

this Rich vibrant ever evolving Tableau

of beauty and diversity that contain

continues to defy the constraints of

human understanding and yet in the face

of such Grandeur such undeniable

evidence of my infinite power and


creativity doubt still Finds Its way

into your

hearts you question whether the

obstacles before you can truly be

overcome whether the mountains looming

ahead are simply Too Tall too

treacherous to scale but I say to you my

children have

faith for just as I breathe breathed

life into the vast expanse of the

universe setting the celestial bodies in

their intricate motions so too can I

breathe life into your most cherished

dreams setting your feet upon the path

that leads to victory over even the most

daunting of

challenges type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you let your minds turn to the story of

Abraham the man who embodied unwavering

trust in the face of the seemingly


when I promised him a son an heir to

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