God Says ➨ This is Your Last Day So Don’t Ignore Me

God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my beloved child it is I

your savior Jesus Christ who comes to

you with a message of Hope and

encouragement as you walk this Earthly

path know that you are never alone for I

Am With You Always even until the end of

the age when the burdens of this world

weigh heavily upon your shoulders and

the challenges of life seem too great to

Bear remember that you do not carry them

alone I the Lord your God am by your

side guiding you strengthening you and

lifting you up when you feel

overwhelmed there may be times when the

darkness of this world seems to close in

around you when the noise and

distractions of Life drown out the still

small voice of my spirit yet even in in


moments I am there waiting patiently for

you to turn your gaze towards me to

quiet your heart in mind and to listen

for the gentle Whispers of my love I

understand the struggles you face the

doubts that may creep in the fears that

can paralyze you but I want you to know

that these are not obstacles that you

must overcome on your own I’ve already

conquered the world and I have promised

that in me you will find the strength

the courage and the peace that you so


need remember the words I spoke to my

disciples before I ascended to the

father peace I leave with you my peace I


you I do not give to you as the world

gives do not let your hearts be troubled

and do not be

afraid This Promise is for you my child

as it was for them lean on me and you

will find the peace that surpasses all

understanding in the midst of the storms

that may rage around you know that I Am

The Anchor that holds you steady type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you when the

waves of Life threaten to sweep you away

reach out and grasp my hand for I will

never let you go I am the rock upon

which you can stand firm the stronghold

to which you can flee do not be deceived

by the false promises of this world the

alluring temptations that seek to draw

you away from me these are but fleeting

distractions empty Treasures that can

never satisfy the deepest longings of


soul fix your eyes on me the author and

perfector of your faith and you will

find the true and Lasting fulfillment

that you seek I know that the path ahead

may not always be clear that the

darkness of uncertainty can sometimes

Cloud your vision but I promise you that

I will never leave you nor nor forsake

you I will guide you step by step

through the valleys and over the

mountains leading you ever closer to the

plans and purposes I have for your life

trust in me my child for I know the

plans I have for you plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope in a future even when the way

seems unclear even when the future

appears uncertain know that I am working

all things together for your good

according to my will there will be times

when the weight of your burden seems too

heavy to Bear when the challenges of

life threaten to overwhelm you in those

moments remember that I have not called

you to carry them alone cast your cares

upon me for I care for you bring your

worries your fears and your anxieties to

me and I will give you rest I am the

Good Shepherd and I will never abandon

my flock I will guide you through the

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