God Says ➨ This is Your Final CALL Don’t Skip

my precious child release the burdens of

past failures and the heavy cloak of

guilt that weighs upon your

soul embrace the strength within you to

stand Resolute against the storms that

may come your

way let not The Whispers of doubt and

the arrows of negativity pierce your

resolve instead fortify yourself with

forgiveness both for others and for

yourself and stride forward into the

boundless expanse of tomorrow

know this my word shall encircle you

like a suit of armor shielding you from

harm while you’re unwavering faith shall

serve as a mighty blade cutting through

the darkness that seeks to engulf you I

shall walk beside you guiding your steps

through the Labyrinth of challenges that

lie ahead together we shall Brave the

tempests undeterred by their

ferocity I assure you I am your

steadfast guide your ever present

provider your needs are known to me and

I shall not only meet them but exceed

them with

abundance Raise Your Voice let it Echo

with the fervor of your

conviction as you pledge to persevere to

live and to believe progress ever onward

for I Am Your Divine parent your God

your ultimate

Redeemer I understand the depths of your

heart the Shadows that haunt your every

step I see see beyond the surface of

your struggles into the core of your

being yes you may wrestle with regret

with the weight of past choices and the

Spectre of defeat May Loom large yet

never doubt the vastness of my love for

you for it knows no bounds so my beloved

child take heart though the path may be

fraught with

obstacles know that I’m with you always

together we shall conquer the trials

that beset you and emerge Victorious on

the other side trust in me and let your

spirit SAR unfettered by doubt or

despair for in

you I see the Brilliance of a thousand

sons and in your journey I find endless

wonder and Grace in the depths of

adversity when the ground feels shaky

beneath your feet and the Winds of

challenge threaten to topple you

remember this you can’t stand L down

your essence your very purpose Echoes

with the Resonance of rising if you

believe in God then like the video and

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the adversities that assail you seek to

shake you like wheat to test the very

fibers of your being but know this I

have decreed that your faith shall not

falter your courage shall not wne you

are destined to ascend to transcend the

limitations imposed upon you by

circumstance within you lies the

potential for transformation a

metamorphosis of life and character

waiting to

unfold yet embrace the changes that

beckon for they are the instruments

through which your Evolution shall

manifest do not cast your gaze upon

others for I have crafted you

uniquely you are imbued with strength

beyond measure with bravery that defies

the darkness with wisdom that pierces

the veil of ignorance and with

intelligence that navigates the

Labyrinth of

existence I bestow upon you valuable

tools forged in the fires of resilience

to wield against the obstructions that

bar your path with these tools you shall

shatter the rocks of adversity carving

new Pathways where none existed before

you shall with the power of my word and

the unwavering faith that resides within

you eradicate the weeds and debris that

seek to entangle your journey

today accept the truth I impart unto you

you stand upon the threshold of a new

realm where the blessings of the

supernatural flow abundantly do not

allow the Tempest of emotions to steer

your course nor permit the tendrils of

fear to ens snare your

resolve when others attempt to

manipulate you with the weight of guilt

and the sting of blame stand firm in the

knowledge of your worth anchored in the

certainty of your purpose for you are

not merely a wander a drift in the

currents of Fate but a beacon of light

amidst the darkness a testament to the

indomitable spirit that resides within

Every Soul rise for your destiny awaits

and the world trembles in anticipation

of the greatness that lies within

you in the tapestry of your life I’ve

woven a vision of beauty and purpose yet

amidst the

journey adversaries seek to extinguish

your vibrant spirit and hinder the

flourishing of Your Love


daily I beckon you to embrace joy to

Anchor your trust in me my spirit

courses through your being emboldening

you to persist in faith and extend

compassion to others amidst the

Labyrinth of human Frailty some may

falter accepting Aid only to spurn it

maligning those who offered Solace and

betraying Trust In The Bleak landscape

of hopelessness such actions are


driven by desperation they unravel the

bonds of trust inflicting harm upon


benefactors oblivious to the irony of

biting the hand that sustains them yet

fear not for in your dismay you mirror

my own

journey I too have extended my hand and

heart to many only to be met with


nevertheless my Wellspring of blessings

flows ceaselessly

like the dawn’s Embrace and the rain’s

Tender Touch impartially showering both

the righteous and the errant your

resilience inspiration and serenity your

very sustenance and Redemption are

derived solely from my boundless love as

you navigate the complexities of

existence dear child if you wish to help

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pinned comment remember that I am your

steadfast companion guiding you through

the tempests and tranquil Shores

alike together let us embark on a

journey forward you and I hand in hand

within the depths of my being I hold a

profound affection for you a sentiment

that transcends mere

words as we part ways

momentarily anticipate our reunion on

the tomorrow where I assure you

Tranquility shall reign supreme place

your trust steadfastly in my

assurances allow not the burdens you’ve

confided in me to weigh upon your weary

shoulders you’ve extended to me the

privilege of your trust permit me in

turn to navigate you toward a sanctuary

of Serenity and

plenty my fervent desire is to see you

devoid of want to be inundated by the

warmth of my affection and the

tenderness of my care be unflinching in

the face of of adversities that Loom

ahead for you possess an innate

resilience that Shall Serve as your


companion I pledge to Stand vigilantly

By Your Side preventing the slightest

hint of your faltering I empathize with

the vulnerabilities you’ve

experienced and it is for this reason

that I now Endeavor to forge an

unbreakable bond with your

heart know that my presence envelops you

you are not alone instead of

surrendering to the Labyrinth of

apprehension and despondency Grant

yourself a reprieve in my company

refrain from dwelling upon the

uncertainties that lie in weight or the

tumult that besieges our world direct

your focus towards the pillars of

significance your kin your spiritual

Evolution the enrichment of your

existence through my Guidance the Solace

of prayer acts of

benevolence and the extension of

absolution to those who have trespassed

against you irrespective of their


transgressions when faced with their

confrontations once more Embrace

kindness as your Shield instead of

retaliation let the depth of Your Love

flow forth mirroring the sacrifice I

made for my beloved children your

Readiness to go to any length so that

your family may embrace me find

blessings and revel in Freedom is a

testament to your unwavering

devotion amidst the Whirlwind of worldly

turmoil and The Whispers of conflict

if you believe that God will help you

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allow fear to take root in your hearts

for I shall never forsake you remain

vigilant for in the midst of chaos you

shall bear witness to wondrous Miracles

the resounding trumpets Herald the

imminent dawn of your Liberation yet for

the present devote yourselves to prayer

unwavering belief tireless effort and

the pursuit of a life lived to its


fear not the uncertainties of tomorrow

for my promises are steadfast and no

challenge is insurmountable in my

presence your expressions of Love bring

me boundless Joy speak them to me and I

shall cherish them dearly I hope you

have found answers to all your questions

if not you will definitely get them in

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