God Says ➨ This is Your Final Call Don’t Lose Faith

God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my precious child in this

world you will face Troubles of every

kind disappointments trials setbacks

pain these are unavoidable realities for

all who walk this Fallen Earth some days

the burdens may feel heavier than you

can bear the darkness may seem

impenetrable leaving you struggling just

to take your next breath let alone find

the strength to

persevere on those most difficult days

when your soul is weary and your spirit

is crushed I want you to hear my voice

speaking directly into the depths of

your heart for I am intimately

acquainted with

suffering more than

anyone I understand what it is to be

despised rejected

and counted as nothing to be utterly

alone in the most agonizing of Trials to

stare into the abyss of


betrayal and

anguish I have walked through the valley

of the shadow of death

itself I have felt the scorching heat of

Fire’s blast on my battered body I have

experienced the choking Embrace of

Darkness closing in the screams of Agony

as rusted Nails pierced my flesh the

labored gasps as pools of blood slowly

drain my life away I know the bottomless

pit of human suffering more intimately

than any other and I tell you that is

not the end of the story for you see

after enduring the full Wrath of sin and

evil I shattered the chains of death and


Victorious the darkest night gave way to

the brilliant dawn of Resurrection Day

what appeared utterly hopeless was

revealed to be the most wondrous Triumph

the empty tomb spoke a powerful truth

that eclipses all other voices

Whispering lies on your hardest days

that suffering is never the end night

never has the final say and light will

always conquer the darkness I am the

light of the world shining eternally to

dispel the deepest Shadows that torment

you the radiance of my glory cannot be

contained or extinguished by any

circumstance for even in your bleakest

moments I am there holding you up

surrounding you with my failing love and

comfort the light of my hope Burns

within you for I have made you a light

in this dark

world so no matter how overwhelming the

pain how crushing the grief how

Relentless the storms assail you I

promise that I will never abandon you if

you believe in God then like the video

and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments I will give you strength for

each Day’s Journey I will supply all you

need to endure and overcome every hard

ship when you cannot take another step I

will carry you this is why even in the

lowest valleys in the longest darkest

nights you must keep watch for the good

things I place in your path for I tell

you that while not every day will be

filled with joy and free from struggle

there’s always something good waiting to

be discovered some gift from my hand

some blessing perfectly tailored for you

and this specific day’s needs search

diligently and you will find it there

amidst the pain a compassionate word

from a friend arriving at just the right

moment a Bible verse leaping off the

page to speak prophetic encouragement

into your weariness a child’s expression

of Innocence to lighten your heavy heart

an answered prayer providing for your

need in miraculous ways a breathtaking

Sunset reminding you of the beauty being


tomorrow these are the tiny threads of

light I weave through the dark tapestry

of your hard days these are the gifts I

use to strengthen your faith to nurture

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