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God says skip if you choose hell God

message today for you God tells my

beloved child I come to you today with a

message of utmost importance one that I

hope will inspire and embolden your

faith in the one true God for too long

my children have wandered lost and

Afraid seeking guidance in the fleeting

pleasures of this world you’ve looked to

material wealth Earthly power and the

adulation of other people to fill the

void in your hearts and yet no matter

how much you accuse accumulate or how

highly you are exalted by others that

nagging emptiness remains why is that it

is because your souls were created to

commune with the Divine to walk in

Intimate fellowship with the heavenly

father who lovingly knit you together in

your mother’s womb he crafted you with a

purpose imbuing you with unique gifts

and talents to glorify his name but so

often you’ve chosen to ignore that

sacred calling favoring the shallow

diversion of the flesh over the

nourishment of the spirit my dear

children I implore you turn your eyes

upon the Lord seek his face for in his

presence is fullness of joy it is only

through a deep abiding relationship with

your heavenly father that you will find

the peace purpose and profound joy that

your heart so desperately crave feel

free to share this video with up to

three people if you feel the need for

God’s presence I know the world has told

you that true happiness comes from

wealth status and the approval of others

but I say to you those are fleeting

things here one moment and gone the next

The Riches of this world will Rust in

Decay and the Praises of men are as

fickle as the wind but the love of God

is eternal unchanging a solid rock upon

which you can build your lives when you

place your trust in the Lord you open

eels up to a Wellspring of blessings

beyond your wildest imaginings he will

guide your steps provide for your needs

and protect you from the snares of the

enemy more than that he will fill the

god-shaped void in your hearts

satisfying your deepest longings with

his perfect love my children if you

could only catch a glimpse of the

majesty and Splendor of your heavenly

father your hearts would be utterly

captivated he is the king of kings the

Lord of lords the creator of the

universe who holds all things in the

palm of his hand and yet in his infinite

Mercy he has chosen to draw near to you

to Lavish his love upon you and to make

you cause with Christ in his eternal key

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