God Says ➨ Serious Alert! “Please Watch Before Bed”

my precious child May the Eternal peace

and boundless love of our heavenly

father embrace you in this sacred moment

I am Jesus Christ the son of God

speaking directly to the core of your

being your Immortal soul that bears the

indelible imprint of the Divine Creator

hearken unto these words for they carry

the profound wisdom and immutable truth

that shall forever transform your

perception of life’s journey and your

role within the grand tapestry of


you my child are a masterpiece of divine

creation intricately and meticulously

crafted by the skilled hands of our

heavenly father the Supreme artist of


universe within the depths of your being

lies an Exquisite tapestry woven with

threads of infinite potential and

boundless possibilities that stretch

beyond the limits of mortal

comprehension recognize and embrace this

eternal Truth for it is the unshakable

foundation upon which the Ed of your

destiny shall be shaped and

molded the world that surrounds you this

vast and everchanging canvas of

existence awaits the brushstrokes of

your life’s purpose a purpose that you

alone can Define and bring to fruition

you are the sculpter the Visionary

artist entrusted with the sacred task of

molding Your Existence into a Masterwork

that resonates with the Divine Melody of

creation itself each thought that arises

in your mind every word that Springs

forth from your Li lips and every action

that you undertake is akin to a chisel

meticulously shaping and refining The

Contours of your destiny with each


stroke understand my child that your

destiny is not a predetermined path cast

an immutable Stone by an unseen Force

beyond your

control nay it is a fluid Journey a

sacred co-creation between you and the

creator of all that is where your

choices and intentions hold immense

power to shape the course of your life’s

Adventure your will infused with The

Guiding Light of the Holy Spirit becomes

the compass that charts the trajectory

of your existence Illuminating the path

that leads to the Fulfillment of your


calling embrace the knowledge that you

possess the Divine spark of creativity

an indelible imprint of the Creator’s

own Artistry embedded within the very

fabric of your soul with this

spark you can breathe life into your


transforming them from Mere dreams into

tangible realities that manifest in the

Physical Realm if you believe in God

then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments every

aspect of your being your mind your

heart your soul is a brushstroke on the

canvas of existence painting a

masterpiece that shall leave an

indelible Mark upon the world long after

your mortal Journey has

concluded yet remember my child that

true Purp purpose is not born of aimless

wandering or fleeting whims driven by

the ephemeral desires of the flesh it

requires a steadfast commitment a

Resolute determination to align your

thoughts and actions with the sacred

principles of love compassion and

service to others virtues that lie at

the very heart of the Divine Essence let

these virtues be the guiding lights that

illuminate your path for they are the

essence of the Divine spark that burns

brightly within you yearning to be

fanned into an all consuming flame that

shall illuminate the world around you

approach each new day with mindful

intention for every fleeting moment

holds the potential to shape the

Contours of your destiny in profound and

indelible ways seek wisdom in the

Stillness of earnest prayer and allow

The Whispers of the holy spirit to guide

your steps gently nudging you towards

the paths that lead to the Fulfillment

of your sacred

purpose embrace the challenges that

inevitably arise along the journey for

they are not mere

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