God Says ➨ Please Give Me Your 2 Minutes My Child |

my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my beloved child I am your heavenly

father and from the moment I breathed

life into the first human beings Adam

and Eve until this very day my love for

you has been constant unwavering and

eternal today

I come to you with a message straight

from my heart a message filled with love

wisdom and encouragement a message that

will guide you on the path to fulfilling

Your Divine Purpose and living a life

that brings glory to my name my dear

ones you were created in my image

fearfully and wonderfully made look at

the intricate details of your being the

complex systems that make up your body

and the incredible capacity of your mind

you are not mere mortals but children of

the most high destined for

greatness do not settle for mediocrity

or Conformity but Dare To Dream Big

Dreams dreams that stretch the

boundaries of what seems possible dream

of the

impossible for with me all things are

possible look at the vast expanse of the

universe the galaxies that stretch out


Infinity each one containing countless

stars and planets planet did I not

create all of this with a mere word let

there be light I spoke and the entire

Cosmos came into

existence and yet these Grand celestial

bodies these a inspiring displays of my

power and Majesty pale in comparison to

the dreams and aspirations I have

planted within each of your hearts dream

of changing the world of leaving a

lasting Legacy that will echo through

Eternity Dream of being a light in the

darkness a Beacon of Hope in a world

that so desperately needs it dream of

using your god-given talents and

abilities to make a difference to bring

healing to the broken Comfort to The

Afflicted and hope to the Hopeless dream

of being a voice for the voiceless a

champion for the oppressed and a

Defender Of Truth and Justice dream of

standing firm in your faith unwavering

in your convictions and uncompromising

in your commitment to me and my word but



children dreaming is just the

beginning it is the spark that ignites

the flame the seed that holds the

potential for a magnificent Harvest

nurture Your Dreams water them with

faith and watch them grow into something

beautiful and extraordinary type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you my beloved

dreaming alone is not enough you must

must put in the hard work the

perseverance and the dedication to make

your dreams a reality nothing worthwhile

comes easily it is through sweat toil

and sacrifice that greatness is achieved

look at the example of my son Jesus

Christ the very embodiment of love and

sacrifice he walked this Earth enduring


rejection and

ultimately the agony of the cross

he was mocked scorned and betrayed by

those he came to

save yet through his unwavering

obedience and commitment to my will he

accomplished the greatest work of all

the Redemption of humanity from the

clutches of sin and death in the same

way I call you to work hard to put your

whole heart into everything you do

whether it is your studies your career

your ministry or or your relationships

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