God Says ➨ Luck Will Leave You If Skip Me |

my dear child it brings me great joy to

speak to you once again and impart the

wisdom and comfort of our heavenly

father as you walk the path that I have

laid out before you know that no storm

is too great no challenge too daunting

when you have the steadfast love and

Almighty power of God at your side far

too often my children become consumed by

the worries and trials of this world

losing sight of the bigger picture and

the etal nature of God’s plan the winds

may howl the waves May crash and the

Darkness May Loom all around you but if

you keep your eyes fixed firmly upon me

and upon my

father you will find the strength and

the shelter to weather any storm I

understand The Human Condition All Too

Well I walked among you I felt the sting


Temptation I endured the pain of

suffering if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the comments I know the fear

that can grip your heart when the future

seems uncertain when the road ahead is

shrouded in

fog but I implore you do not let that

fear consume you do not allow the

Troubles of this world to shake the

foundation of your

faith for I have overcome the world I

have conquered sin and death and through

me you too can have

Victory when the Winds of adversity howl

all around

you remember the words I spoke to my

disciples on the stormy Sea of Galilee

peace be still in that moment the Raging

Tempest was stilled for my father’s

power is absolute and his love for you

is Without End no matter how dark the

night no matter how Fierce the storm the

light of God’s love will always break

through his grace is sufficient for you

his strength is made perfect in your


so do not be afraid my child for the

Lord your God is with you he will never

leave you nor forsake you I know that

the trials you face May sometimes feel

overwhelming the burdens of this life

can weigh heavily upon your shoulders

and the waves of doubt and despair May

threaten to pull you under but I urge

you do not lose hope for your heavenly

father is a fortress a

shield a everpresent help in times of

trouble when the world seems to be

crashing down around you when the storms

of life seem too Fierce to withstand

turn your eyes to the Cross remember the

sacrifice I made the suffering I endured

all for the sake of redeeming you and

restoring you to the loving Embrace of

our heavenly father for if I was willing

to lay down my life for you how much

more will he provide for your every need

the storms you face may take many forms

sickness financial

hardship broken

relationships loss of loved

ones the waves of adversity may seem

Relentless The Winds of doubt and fear

May howl all around you but I say to you

have faith cling to the promises of God

for he is faithful and true he will

never abandon you never leave you to

face the Tempest

alone in the book of Isaiah the Lord

declares when you pass through the


I will be with you and when you pass

through the rivers they will not sweep


you when you walk through the

fire you will not be

burned the Flames will not set you

Ablaze this is the unwavering truth of

our God that no matter what storms you

encounter he will be there to carry you

through so take heart my child and do

not lose courage for the same God who

calmed the Raging Sea the same God who

delivered his people from the jaws of

pharaoh is the same God who holds your

life in the palm of his hand he is A

Mighty Fortress a rock of Refuge a very

present help in time of need remember

the words I spoke to my disciples as the

winds howled and the waves crashed all

around them why are you so

afraid do you still have no faith even

in the midst of the fiercest storm

I knew that my father’s power was

greater I knew that his love and his

protection would sustain us and so I say

to you my dear child do not let the

storms of this world shake your faith do

not let the howling Winds of doubt and

fear drown out the still small voice of

God’s spirit speaking to your heart for

he is with you he is for you and nothing

in all of creation can separate you from

his love dear child

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comment when the waves of adversity

threaten to overwhelm you remember the

words of the psalmist God is our refuge


strength an everpresent help in

trouble therefore we will not fear

though the Earth give way and the

mountains fall into the heart of the sea

though its Waters r or and foam and the

mountains Quake with their surging your

heavenly father is a mighty warrior a

loving Shepherd who will never abandon

his flock he is the steadfast anchor

that will hold you firm when the storms

of life rage all around you so cling to

him my

child and let his perfect peace wash

over you I know that the path you walk

is not an easy one the burdens you carry

May sometimes feel too heavy to Bear but

I promise you the strength of the Lord

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