God Says ➨ Jesus Will Save You from Hell If You Watch!

my beloved child the key to unlocking

life’s riches isn’t found in material

Pursuits but in cultivating your inner

landscape as you immerse yourself in my

teachings obscurities clear my plans

unveil and external blessings naturally

follow as you mature into your true

identity in me look inward to discover

the greatness I’ve planted within you

care for these seeds diligently

patiently engage with me daily I am

constantly ly speaking ready to guide

and comfort learn to discern my voice

amid the world’s

noise anxiety fear and human striving

often muffle our

connection withdraw into my presence and

Clarity will

emerge my voice will resonate deeply

within unlocking insights and

directions don’t underestimate the power

of divine wisdom move Beyond mere

religious routines into a genuine

relationship with me

where formality dissolves into genuine

interaction I long to share profound

secrets with you to unveil endless

insights my wisdom’s well never dries

come drink

endlessly the world craves the solutions

that only my insight can provide

position yourself as a channel through

which Heavenly answers flow to Earthly

questions your influence will grow but

pursue Me Not Mere

success seek genuine intimacy over


appearances external roles should

further my purposes not yours stay

grounded in our private communion

untainted by

ego then the authority I grant you will

remain authentic and

effective your longing for wisdom opens

the door for me to infuse your being

with principles that transcend

situations ensuring my truth prevails

over apparent

setbacks cling to my teachings even when

they seem at odd with your

circumstances trust in my wisdom which

surpasses human reasoning and

limitations the world’s confusion traps

many in feudal Cycles regardless of the

chosen path leaving only anxiety and

dissatisfaction I offer a higher

Viewpoint an overview that simplifies

decision-making and demystifies life’s

complexities Heavenly strategies

transform chaos into order far more

effectively than human plans which often

complicate and strive

the Wayward path is difficult because it

conflicts with the order I’ve

established when you align with my

ways life flows more

smoothly not through manipulation but

because being in sync with me is your

natural state dedicate time to embrace

wisdom and I will transform your

experiences aligning unseen realities

with your steps entrust your time to me

and I’ll enrich your days with eternal

blessings weaving moments with Destiny

turning daily life into a canvas for


Expressions don’t confuse pursuing me

with chasing worldly

Ambitions I’m not honored by lukewarm

efforts or divided

loyalties today’s compartmentalized

thinking dilutes true

intimacy lessening its impact you must

choose whom to serve secondary loves

must defer to your primary devotion or

internal conflict will arise Elevate our

relationship above all others and

extraordinary blessings will follow

unseen Realms await your

gaze spiritual Horizons and domains of

influence yet to be fully explored as I

awaken you to broader realities drawing

you closer into my Essence a tital wave

of my spirit is set to flood all

societal spheres with profound

Revelations of my goodness the

strongholds of secularism will no longer

stand unopposed the darkness that has

gripped institutions will be dispelled

and worldly wisdom will no longer

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