God Says ➨ It’s Over for You If You Skip |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child how I love you so you are

the apple of my eye the treasures of my

heart i gaze upon you with such immense

pride and joy for you are truly

remarkable time and time again I have

watched as you have faced adversity

overcome obstacles and risen to

incredible Heights your history is a

testament to the power that resides

within you a power that is not your own

but one that flows directly from me your

heavenly father Yes my children your

history can prove there is nothing you

cannot do for I have imbued you with

strength beyond measure courage that

knows no bounds and a faith that can

move mountains when the world would seek

to crush you you stand tall when

darkness threatens to envelop you you

shine like beacons of

light your resilience is a Wonder to

behold for it is not of this Earth but a

reflection of my own Eternal nature

think back my dear ones to all the

trials you have endured the battles you

have fought the victories you have

claimed in each and every circumstance I

have been been there are walking beside

you guiding your steps strengthening


resolve when the path ahead seemed

hopeless did I not open

away when the enemy closed in around you

did I not send my angels to defend you

your history is proof positive that with

me all things are possible type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you I remember well

the story of David a mere Shepherd boy

who faced The Fearsome Giant Goliath the

world scoffed at his audacity certain

that he would be

crushed but David filled with an

unwavering trust in me stroe onto that

Battlefield sling in hand and fed the

giant with a single

Stone in that moment the course of

history was altered for David’s Victory

demonstrated that no obstacle is too

great no enemy too powerful when one

walks in faith and what of Moses whom I

called to lead my people out of the

bondage of Egypt the task seemed

impossible for Pharaoh’s grip on them


Ironclad yet when Moses raised his staff

at my command the Waters of the Red Sea

parted allowing the Israelites to cross

to safety while Pharaoh’s armies were

swallowed up time and again Moses faced


challenges yet he prevailed for he knew

that with me by his side nothing was

beyond his reach my children you too

have been called to

Greatness the world may look upon you

and see only


insignificance or reason for doubt but I

look upon you and see Warriors Champions


Changers I have imbued you with a Divine

Purpose a holy calling that transcends

the limitations of this Earthly

realm there is no mountain you cannot

climb no Valley you cannot Traverse no

giant you cannot slay when the enemy

Whispers lies of your

inadequacy remember David when darkness

threatens to overwhelm you recall The

Parting of the Red Sea your history is

replete with stories of my faithful

children who Against All Odds achieved

The Impossible and I tell you now this

is but a small taste of what you are

capable of stretch out your wings my

beloved ones and soar to Heights you

have yet to imagine the world may tell

you that you are weak that you will

never amount to anything but I declare

to you that you are strong Mighty and

destined for

greatness for I have chosen you set you

apart and equipped you with everything

you need to fulfill the Glorious purpose

I have for your lives do not be Shackled

by the doubts and fear fears of this

World cast them off like the Israelites

casting off the chains of Egypt lift

your eyes to the Horizon for it is

filled with boundless

possibility there are mountains to climb

Giants to slay and captives to set free

the fields are ripe for

Harvest and I’m calling you to be my

Reapers my ambassadors of Hope and

transformation my child pause the video

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me when the road ahead seems dark

remember that I am the light that guides


steps when the challenge before you


insurmountable recall the victories of

your ancestors for their triumphs are

your own You are not alone my children

for I Am With You Always strengthening

you equipping you empowering you to

achieve the

impossible so rise up my Warriors my

Champions shake off the dust of doubt

and despair and let your light shine

forth the world needs you now more than

ever for it is in the darkest of times

that my glory shines the brightest be

beacons of Hope pillars of faith and

conduits of my love let your lives be a

testament to the power of the almighty

for there is no limit to what we can

accomplished together I have placed

within you the seeds of greatness now

let them take root and grow bearing

abundant fruit that will nourish The

Souls of all who encounter it your

history has proven time and time again

that there is nothing you cannot do so

take hold of that truth embrace it and

let it Propel you forward into the

destiny I have prepared for you the road

may be long the challenge is great but I

am with you I will never leave you nor

forsake you when you grow weary I will

carry you when you feel afraid PR I will

steady your trembling heart for you are

mine and I will never abandon my own so

lift up your heads my

children look to the Horizon for it is

filled with the promise of a future that

exceeds your wildest dreams there are

worlds to conquer lives to transform and

kingdoms to establish dear child if you

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description and pinned comment the only

limit is the one you place upon yourself

but I say to you there are no limits for

with me all things are possible step out

in faith my beloved

ones let your history be the springboard

that launches you into your

destiny for I have created you for such

a time as this to be the light that

pierces the darkness the hope that

ignites a revolution ution the love that

changes the world you are powerful

beyond measure my children you are the

salt of the earth the city on a hill let

your light so shine before men that they

may see your good works and glorify your

father in Heaven for I have placed

within you the very same spirit that

raised Christ from the dead that same

power that same Authority is at work in

you waiting to be

Unleashed so be bold

be courageous be unshakable in your

faith for I am with you and if I am for

you who can be against you the future

belongs to you my Warriors my

Champions step into it with

confidence for your history has proven

that there is nothing you cannot do I

love you my dear ones with an


love I have Great and Mighty plans for


plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you a future and a hope so

take Heart Take

courage and take your place in the great

Army I am raising up to transform this

world the time is now the Harvest is

ripe and I am calling you to be the

instruments of my will go forth my

children and let your history be the

Catalyst that propels you into your

destiny if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

for I have equipped you empowered you

and anointed you to do the

impossible so rise up shine forth and

let the world see the glory of the Lord

reflected in you your future is bright

your potential Limitless for with me

there is nothing you cannot do amen my

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