God Says ➨ Ignoring Me Closes Heaven’s Door

my cherished child I am your Shepherd

your unwavering guide through every

Twist and Turn of life’s journey picture

yourself in the Embrace of lush Fields a

Serene Haven where weary Souls find

Solace here I invite you to rest to

rejuvenate beside Tranquil Waters that

Whisper Of Peace to your weary heart as

we Traverse together along paths of

righteousness my name a banner of divine

grace fear not the Shadows that may Loom

ahead even in the darkest most

treacherous valleys know that I am by

your side my rod and staff poised to

fend off any Spectre of fear or doubt

trust in my presence for it is your

beacon of comfort amidst the tumult

behold I bestow upon you Abundant

Blessings scattering confusion among

your adversaries and illuminating your

path with the radiant light of wisdom

your table shall overflow with a

abundance a testament to the richness of


Providence and lo my goodness and mercy

shall accompany you Faithful companions

through the EB and flow of time in the

sanctuary of my Abode you shall dwell

enveloped in a tapestry of boundless

love and peace do not succumb to fear

for I stand as your steadfast Ally

upholding you in every trial my mighty

hand cradles

you a fortress of protection while my

holy cloak of love envelops you in its


embrace yearning fills my heart as I

implore you to heed my words to open

your soul to the profound truths I offer

let the essence of my love permeate the

chambers of your being dispelling all

doubts of your

worthiness surrender to the gentle

Cadence of my voice for I speak directly

to your spirit release the burdens that

weigh upon your soul anxieties to fears

and Sorrows alike

lay them at my

feet relinquish them to my care and

Trust in the boundless depths of my love

a new for in this sacred

exchange you find Liberation a renewal

of faith that transcends all Earthly

tribulations in the Tranquil Embrace of

Twilight amidst The Whispers of the

breeze and the gentle caress of the

night I extend to you my unwavering

promise a future adorned with wonders

beyond imagination awaits

intricately woven with threads of

Destiny and

purpose yet before the grand tapestry of

your life unfurls in its

Splendor I beseech thee to bestow upon

me your unwavering faith and steadfast

loyalty for it is in the sanctuary of

trust where doubts dare not tread and

mistrust finds no Haven that my

blessings shall Cascade upon you like

the sweet de upon parched Earth

surrender unto me your fears those

Shadows that dance upon the canvas of

your soul and I shall cradle them

tenderly transmuting them into Pillars

of Strength to fortify your spirit with

an Ardent fervor I yearn for not but to

witness you Basque in the radiance of

stability to feel the warmth of Serenity

coursing through your veins if you

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hearken unto my words imbued with love

and tender care for they are the guiding

Stars Illuminating the path towards

resilience and Triumph in the face of


know dear one that I am Forever by your

side a beacon of solace in the darkness

of night and an impenetrable shield

against the arrows of adversity hurled

by unseen foes permit The Gentle Touch

of my Holy Spirit to sculpt The Contours

of your character molding you into a

vessel of divine grace and wisdom

come delve into the sanctum of my

written word and therein discover the

humility of my heart where every

syllable resonates with


forgiveness and

benediction let your tongue be the

vessel through which flows words of

spiritual resonance imbued with the

Ethereal essence of upliftment and

Transcendence in this sacred Covenant of

faith and devotion let us Embark Upon a

journey of transformation and Redemption

for I am the architect of your destiny

and within the tapestry of your life I

shall etch a masterpiece of boundless

Beauty and

wonder trust in me and together we shall

Traverse the depths of Despair and

Ascend to the Pinnacle of Triumph my

beloved child as you navigate the

intricate Paths of

existence remember that your faith is

not just a passive Force but a catalyst

for the

extraordinary when you align your

promises with Divine intent and Infuse

your words with blessings you invite the

miraculous to unfold around you victory

in its truest form is not merely a

destination but a journey illuminated by

the light of Faith let not the fleeting

Shadows of appearances or the Tempest of

emotions deter you from your course your

path my dear one is not dictated by

transient feelings but by the unwavering

en Compass of faith that resides within

your soul be cautious for the storms of

emotion can Cloud judgment and Lead

astray think not only of the present

moment but also of the tapestry of your

future and the cherished ones who walk

alongside you rash actions born of

emotional turbulence May inflict wounds

that linger festering in the depths of

time know this my

child I have bestowed upon you the

strength to Triumph yet the journey

towards Victory begins with you surround

yourself with companions who elevate

your spirit Embrace habits that nurture

your well-being and shun the influence

of those who sow seeds of Discord and

deceit guard the sanctuary of your heart

against the intrusion of malevolent

forces wielding lies like weapons and

spreading falsehoods like

wildfire should you lend an ear to their

poison they shall seow chaos within

sowing doubt in your dreams derision

upon your aspirations and despair upon


desires but stand firm my beloved for

within you resides a sanctuary of Peace

impervious to the clamor of malice hold

fast to your dreams nurture your

aspirations and let not the cacophony of

falsehoods extinguish the flame of hope

within you for it is through faith

promise and the Power of Words that

Miracles are born

and it is through steadfast resolve that

they flourish if you want God’s grace to

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than you can imagine go forth my dear

child with faith as your guide and the

promise of Victory as your

beacon in your journey I will be the

steadfast guide gently nudging you away

from the Shadows of the past past those

urges to glance over your shoulder

seeking solace in Old friendships that

no longer serve your growth will

dissipate under my watchful

gaze you’ve spoken of me to them yet

they turned a deaf ear blind to the

wisdom I

offer their

hearts once open to

possibility now close to the Divine

Light I

bring embrace my

teachings and you’ll find the strength

to turn away from the snares laid by

those who seek to drag you

down these seeds of defeat scattered

carelessly by hands ignorant of their

own purpose we’ll find no purchase in

the fertile soil of your spirit share my

message with those you hold dear for it

costs not to support those who labor

tirelessly to deliver words of

encouragement and peace they are my

vessels chosen to carry my truth to you

to remind you that you are cherished by

the omnipotent

Eternal God who walks beside you cradles

you in the night and Whispers Solace to

your weary Soul every word that falls

from my lips is imbued with love a

testament to the depths of my affection

for you I send them forth so you may

know that you are never alone that my

love is a steadfast Beacon guiding you

through the tumultuous Seas of life so

answer me now in the Silence of your

heart and inscribe your acceptance upon

the parchment of your soul Soul our

meeting awaits each morning at dawn

where I stand beside your bed eager to

be the first to greet you to illuminate

your world with my Divine Radiance Let

My Words Cascade over you like a gentle

breeze etching themselves into the very

fabric of your being a whispered promise

of everlasting love and

guidance in the quiet hush of dawn as

the first rays of sunlight gently kiss

the Earth I stand

ready poised to embrace our sacred

communion as you open your heart to me

inviting my presence into the sanctum of

your soul I am already

there my spirit intertwined with yours

in an eternal dance of Grace and

devotion if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

within the Stillness of your Sacred

Space I have laid out a banquet of

spiritual sustenance meticulously

prepared to nourish your weary soul and

fortify your trembling Spirit from the

depths of my boundless love I offer you

Solace and strength weaving threads of

Hope and resilience into the fabric of

your being with each whispered prayer

each fervent plea you draw closer to the

Divine Essence that resides within you

tapping into the Wellspring of power and

wisdom that flows ceaselessly from my

heart to yours as you bask in the glow

of my presence I imbue you with courage

emboldening you to face the trials and

tribulations that lie ahead with

unwavering faith and steadfast resolve

treasure these Precious Moments we share

for in them lies the secret to

transcending the mundane and embracing


extraordinary as you emerge from the

Cocoon of your Sanctuary radiating with

the effulgence of Divine Light you will

be a Beacon of Hope amidst a sea of

Despair a testament to the

transformative power of faith and

love those sto STS May rage and Tempest

May assail fear not for you are

encircled by the impenetrable shield of

my unfailing love though Others May

stumble and falter in the face of

adversity you shall stand

firm unyielding in your conviction for

you are fortified by the unshakable

certainty of my presence so go forth my

beloved with head held high and heart

Ablaze with passion knowing that you are

never alone for I am with you always

guiding you protecting you and showering

you with the boundless Bounty of my love

I hope you have found answers to all

your questions if not you will

definitely get them in the next video

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