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my dearest child as you navigate through

the twists and turns of this world know

that I am here steadfast and unwavering

in my love for you in the midst of

life’s trials and

tribulations I am your constant source

of Solace and healing every wound you

endure I will tenderly mend each scar

you bear will become a testament to the

resilience of your spirit and the

boundless depths of my

Redemption what may seem like moments of

Despair and darkness I will will

transform into beacons of light and

Glory you may feel flawed and imperfect

but in my eyes you are a masterpiece

crafted with care and

intention even in your weakest moments I

pursue you with an unyielding love that

knows no bounds I serenade your soul

with Melodies of affection eager to

reveal the depth of my heart to you come

closer dear one and allow me to whisper

transformative truths into the very core

of your

being Let My Words reshape your

self-perception and illuminate the

beauty that resides within you you are

cherished beyond measure and it brings

me a measurable joy to unveil the

fullness of my love for you the weight

pressing upon your soul the accusations

that relentlessly assail your mind they

do not find their origin within me the

burden of guilt the suffocating shame

that threatens to consume your spirit

these are not the products of my heart

no these malevolent forces these

destroyers Trace their lineage to the

ancient adversary the one who has stood

in opposition to all that is good since


immemorial your adversary cunning and

deceitful has long sought to deceive to

steal to kill and to

destroy from the earliest days of your

innocence he has woven a Web of Lies

around your thoughts if you believe in

God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments poisoning

them with his venomous

Whispers but know this

today I stand before you a beacon of

healing light amidst The Darkness ready

to dispel those toxic assaults with the

power of my life-giving truth my truth

radiant and pure will pierce through the

darkest recesses of your inner world

laying be the minations of Darkness that

have ens snared your soul with each

Revelation the falsehoods that have

Shackled you identities of


unworthiness rejection will crumble to

dust before the Brilliance of my love

you are not defined by the lies that

have been thrust upon you you are not

confined by the chains of your past in

me you will find


restoration and the unwavering Assurance

of your inherent worth in the quiet

recesses of your soul where Shadows

linger and Echoes of past hurts

reverberate I stand ready to unveil the

essence of your being with gentle yet

unwavering hands I will unravel the

intricate tapestry of your

self-perception peeling back layers of

doubt and insecurity that have shrouded

your true

identity as my light penetrates the

darkness it may initially provoke

discomfort stirring dormant fears and

challenging familiar Illusions but fear

not for in this discomfort lies the

promise of

Liberation trust in the process for

within the depths of your vulnerability

lies the gateway to profound

transformation with tender

compassion I extend an invitation to

delve deeper into the recesses of your

Consciousness unlocking doors long

barricaded by the weight of unhealed

wounds entrust me with the fragments of

your pain for in surrendering them you

pave the way for divine

restoration know this there is no corner

of your being too dark no memory too

haunting that my love cannot

penetrate I am the harbinger of

redemption The Beacon of Hope in the

darkest of nights embrace the catharsis

of releasing your innermost anguish for

in your

cries I hear The Whispers of your soul

yearning to be set free I hold within me

the keys to unlock the shackles of

Despair to banish the shadows of doubt

and to usher in a dawn of renewal feel

free to share this video with up to

three people if you feel the need for

God’s presence with each tear shed in my

presence I weave a tapestry of healing

stitching together the fragments of your

fractured self with threads of

unconditional love so dear seeker of

Truth heed my call and surrender to the

transformative power that resides within

for in embracing your vulnerability you

unveil the radiant Splendor of your true

self unburdened by the chains of the

past and illuminated by the promise of a

boundless future in the depths of icy

rejection where the chill of loneliness

once gripped your soul I now offer you

the warmth of fiery acceptance enfolding

you into the sanctuary of my heart for

all eternity no longer shall you yearn

for love and belonging for in my


those longings dissolve like Morning

Mist before the Rising Sun the scars of

betrayal once raw and

agonizing find solace in the Gentle

Touch of my compassion as I wash away

your pain with the tears of my unfailing

love I comprehend the hunger for

approval and affirmation that has fueled

your every Endeavor let my boundless

Delight become The Wind Beneath Your

Wings propelling you toward vistas of

unshakable confidence unwavering purpose

and Everlasting

fulfillment with meticulous

care I have numbered each strand of hair

upon your head a tesate to the depth of

my devotion to you do not doubt for a

moment that I not only know you but

understand you in your entirety every

Nuance of your complex emotions every

layer of your deepest needs all the

intricacies of your innermost desires

laid bare before me there are no secrets

hidden from my gaze I behold you in your

entirety in your moments of weakness I

do not cast judgment but

instead tenderly embrace you with arms

of boundless Grace I see beyond the

facade of imperfection to the

Masterpiece of your true self the

purpose for which you were meticulously

crafted the identity that defines you

and the gifts that set your soul Ablaze

with passion though they may yet elude

your grasp they are not lost to me I

hold them dear awaiting the moment when

you will fully embrace the Brilliance of

your own being come my cherished one and

journey with me through the Mists of

Doubt feel the warmth of my presence as

I unveil the truth to you you have been

enveloped in a tapestry of half-truths


misconceptions woven by mortal hands

obscuring the essence of my benevolence

towards you but fear not for now is the

time to cast aside those Illusions and

behold the revelation of my true nature

I stand before you as The Great I Am

seated upon the throne of all existence

transcending every realm of rule

Authority and Dominion my might knows no

bounds my Majesty

unrivaled yet my heart pulsates with

boundless compassion for my children in

me resides Perfection a radiant Beacon

of light an embodiment of Beauty Beyond

Compare emanating from the depths of my

being love flows through my Essence the

very essence from which every good and

perfect gift Springs forth abundantly I

am the essence of Joy the embodiment of

Truth where righteousness and Justice

converge in harmonious balance

Illuminating the path of my Divine

Purpose Holiness cloaks me in splendor

reigning Supreme over all

creation yet behold the depths of my

love a love so profound that I willing

traversed the shadows of sin and death

descending into the abyss of human

suffering solely to rescue and redeem

you from the clutches of

Darkness it is through this sacrificial

act that I seek to reconcile and restore

that which was lost to bridge the chasm

between Divinity and Humanity with the

unbreakable thread of Love dear Wanderer

now is the moment to embrace

wholeheartedly the transformative

Revelations of my Essence and your

intrinsic connection to me if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel if you do not

believe feel free to leave open yourself

fully to receive the outpouring of

identity purpose and Destiny that I

offer over your life believe in the

depths of your being the truth of my

words see yourself through my eyes

adorned in my righteousness and bathed

in my glory appointed to stride forth

with my might Victorious and liberated

throughout the course of your existence

you who have long been besieged by

self-doubt and weighed down by feelings


inadequacy I extend my hand of healing

today to mend the fractures within your

soul embrace my declarations as absolute

truth surpassing the deceptive Whispers

that have plagued you embrace the truth

I speak over you beloved and not the

incessant assaults of insecurity that

assail your mind surrender yourself to

worship with abandon fixing your gaze

upon my countenance let my touch wipe

away the tears that stain your cheeks

offering Solace that only I can provide

a new dawn is breaking my cherished one

you have traversed winding paths strewn

with heartache and

disillusionment at times the journey has

seemed shrouded in darkness devoid of

Hope yet when the fervent flames of

refinement refine your essence to its


form only then can my likeness shine

forth unobscured

it brings me profound joy to Fashion

wholeness from Brokenness to redeem the


wounds transforming scars once shrouded

in shame into beacons of my healing

light bearing witness to my incomparable

Deliverance for you see I am the Artisan

who sculpts Beauty from chaos tirelessly

laboring to mend the fractured and

Liberate the captive so my beloved child

Cast Away the veils of misconception and

embrace the truth of who I am

your Refuge your salvation the Eternal

Beacon of Love That guides you home amen

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