God Says ➨ If You Ignore Me I Will Also Ignore You | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you
don’t overlook it God is ready to
address all your troubles in the final
 seconds find the answers you seek
stick around till the end for divine
Revelations my precious child I’ve
reached out to you countless times not
to instill fear or anxiety but to
envelop you in Serenity and
Assurance your mind a sanctuary should
not be overrun by the weeds of worry
for they threaten not only your
well-being but also that of your loved
ones remember the shadows of Despair
only Loom large when faith and trust
dwindle under the weight of
adversity know this my love for you
knows no bounds and my intentions are
not to chastise or punish but to
Shepherd you through the Labyrinth of
challenges the tapestry of your
existence is woven with Myriad threads
each presenting its own trial
yet trust that I am diligently working
to unravel these knots for every
obstacle you encounter serves as a
catalyst for growth and
resilience your journey though arduous
is not one you walk alone I am your
constant companion eager to share Divine
insights illuminate the obscured
Pathways and Infuse your decisions with
discernment now in this pivotal moment
seize each precious second with purpose
and conviction The Hourglass of time
waits for no one urging you to
deliberate your choices
meticulously be mindful of The Company
You Keep let not the cynics and
naysayers sway your steadfast Faith
their skepticism is but a whisper in the
Tempest compared to the unwavering
strength of your
beliefs entrust them to me for I will
handle them with Grace and
Justice in the Embrace of our communion
fear finds no refuge and doubt loses its
grip so my cherished one converse with
openly for I long to unravel the
mysteries of your heart and illuminate
the path ahead together we shall
navigate the storms and emerge
stronger for love conquers all look
forward with unwavering Focus for it is
my Divine will that you ascend the
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God can help you earning not only
respect but also Abundant Blessings
scatter the seeds of love in the fertile
soil of your life and in due time you
shall Harvest a bounty of joy and
prosperity beyond measure know that I
have bestowed upon you the precious
Gifts of Love
forgiveness and the supernatural ability
to receive my Divine
guidance I call upon you to be a beacon
of my boundless love extending kindness
and compassion to to your family and all
those whose lives you touch your hands
are instruments of my grace shaping
Destinies and soothing Souls with every
gentle touch your faith dear
one is being lifted to Heights
previously unimagined and should doubt
ever Cloud your vision I shall gently
remind you to fix your gaze upon me each
day fear not for I am here to dissolve
your worries mend your broken emotions
and carry away the burdens that weigh
upon your heart behold as your spirit
undergo a profound
transformation witnessing firstand the
unwavering support and guidance I
provide in all your endeavors feel my
love and fold you like a warm embrace
for us shielding you from harm and
guiding you along your path I Empower
you to exude my strength and radiate my
power to the world letting your joy
filled smile illuminate even the darkest
corners of
existence trust in my promises for I Am
With You Always guiding
protecting and uplifting you with every
step you take in the tapestry of your
life I am weaving strands of unique
gifts and talents each tailored to fit
your Soul’s purpose these gifts will
Blossom and flourish becoming beacons of
light that illuminate your path and
Inspire others alongside these gifts I
am placing uplifting friends individuals
whose presence will nurture your spirit
and encourage you to reach New
Heights together you will form bonds of
love and respect celebrating each
other’s triumphs and weathering life
storms as a steadfast unit within the
Embrace of your faithful family you will
find Solace and strength their
unwavering support will serve as a
foundation upon which you can build your
dreams and
aspirations as they witness the Miracles
unfolding within you their admiration
and affection will deepen reinforcing
the bonds of kinship and love with each
passing day your resilience and
determination will grow fueled by an
inner fire that cannot be
extinguished even in the face of
adversity you will stand tall unwavering
in your conviction and unwavering in
faith however be mindful of The Whispers
of doubt that may seek to infiltrate
thoughts the enemy may send pessimistic
individuals your way seeking to sew
seeds of negativity and Discord but do
not be swayed by their words for they do
not understand the depth of your purpose
or the magnitude of your potential
summon the courage to embrace your true
self unapologetically and without
reservation my child pause the video and
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let your actions be guided by integrity
and your words be imbued with kindness
for every moment of your life H you are
cherished and supported by a love that
knows no bounds as you navigate the
intricacies of existence dedicate
yourself to The Pursuit Of Truth and
righteousness let my word be a Guiding
Light Illuminating the path ahead and
providing Clarity amidst
uncertainty guard your heart against the
influences of Darkness keeping sacred
the dreams and desires that reside
within know that I will not forsake you
nor will I leave you to face the
challenges of life
alone I will surround you with
trustworthy companions in individuals
who believe in your potential and who
will walk alongside you offering
guidance and support So Forge ahead with
confidence knowing that you are held in
the palm of my hand your journey is
Guided by Divine Providence and your
destiny is one of
greatness Embrace each day with a spirit
of gratitude and humility for you are
indeed special to me cherished beyond
measure I am the bearer of a profound
promise a beacon of Solace amidst life’s
tempests with the strength imbued within
me I vow to shoulder your burdens
offering Solace and Sanctuary to the
secrets you entrust to my
care know this Beyond doubt I shall not
falter in my pledge in the tender caress
of my words I shall reach deep into the
recesses of your being touching the very
essence of your soul with gentle
Whispers of love I shall mend the
fractures Within fortifying your spirit
with tranquility and serenity the
tumultuous storms that ravage your mind
need not rain unchecked for you need not
bear them alone believe as I do in the
Oasis of peace that resides within you
waiting to be Unearthed let the
Resonance of these potent words echo
through your being for they possess the
transformative power to heal and
restore I ask for nothing in return but
the Sweet Melody of gratitude upon your
lips forget not the Myriad gifts
blessings and Graces I bestow upon you
with boundless compassion I absolve you
of your
transgressions casting them into
Oblivion from the depths of Despair I
shall pluck you nurturing your wounded
soul with an abundance of mercy and love
should you choose to surrender your
heart to me this
day know that you shall never hunger for
affection nor thirst for validation
again the hollow yearning for false
companionship shall be but a distant
memory as I offer solace in the absence
of genuine camaraderie and shield you
from the sting of betrayal feel free to
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if you feel the need for God’s presence
my dear child I extend my hand to you
not merely as a friend but as your
unwavering companion through the
Labyrinth of life’s uncertainties I
shall walk beside you offering solace in
times of Despair and companionship ship
in moments of solitude in the depths of
your hunger physical or spiritual I
shall be your sustenance nourishing your
being with the essence of my presence as
God I offer not only guidance but also
the boundless expanse of my Divine
wisdom Illuminating the darkest corners
of your soul with the radiant light of
understanding behold I am your king
ruling not with tyranny but with
compassion sovereignty tempered by
Mercy my sovereignty extends Beyond
Earthly Realms transcending mortal
limitations to Encompass the vastness of
cosmos as your Shepherd I Lead You
Through The Verdant pastures of Life
shielding you from the lurking Shadows
of doubt and fear trust in my guidance
and I shall navigate you safely through
the tumultuous currents of existence in
my infinite
Providence I am your provider bestowing
upon you blessings abundant and
unanticipated for even before you utter
your prayers I have already set in
motion the miraculous workings of my
divine grace weaving a tapestry of
wonders beyond your wildest
imaginings gaze into the depths of your
soul and you shall find me there a
Healer whose touch brings Solace to the
wounded spirit and restoration to the
broken heart my love knows no bounds
transcending the confines of time and
space enveloping you in its Embrace with
a fervor that knows no end open your
spiritual eyes that you may perceive the
profound truth of these words
today step forth with courage into the
realm of the supernatural leaving behind
the shackles of pain and sorrow for I
have prepared for you a destiny of
extraordinary Marvels awaiting your
Embrace with eager anticipation I hope
you have found answers to all your
questions if not you will definitely get
them in the next video
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