God Says ➨ I Will Tackle All Your Dangers If..

my beloved child listen closely to my

words for in them lies the power to

transform your life do not miss a single

moment for each word is a key to

unlocking the fullness of my blessings

in your life my child remember always

that God’s unlimited power and might are

with you guiding and protecting you

every step of your

journey in the hustle and bustle of

daily life it’s easy to feel overwhelmed

and lost yet I am here right beside you


moment my power is not just a distant

concept but a real and tangible force

that surrounds you lifting you up when

you feel down and giving you strength

when you feel weak trust in this power

for it is as close to you as your own

heartbeat everpresent and

unfailing with my power you can face any

obstacle knowing that you are not alone

but supported by the almighty cre

creator of the universe trust in me for

I am your strength and your Shield ready

to support you through any challenge you

may face life is filled with

uncertainties and

trials but you need not face them with

trepidation my strength is your strength

and my shield is your

protection when you encounter

difficulties whether they are


professional or

spiritual remember that I’m here to bear

bear the burden with you my shield will

deflect the arrows of fear and doubt

that seek to bring you down in every

battle you fight my presence is your

Assurance of Victory lean into my

strength and let it fill you with

courage and resolve in moments of doubt

and fear call upon my name and you will

feel my presence and my unwavering

support doubt and fear are natural parts

of the human experience but they are not

stronger than the power of my name when

these feelings arise do not succumb to

them instead call out to

me whisper my name in your heart and you

will feel a wave of peace and

reassurance wash over you I am always

listening always ready to respond to

your cries for help my support is as

constant as the Rising Sun unwavering


eternal trust that I hear you and that I

am already at work to bring you through

your trials know that you are never

alone for I walk beside you even when

the path seems difficult and

unclear the Journey of life is often

fraught with twists and turns that can

leave you feeling isolated and uncertain

but take heart my child for I am your

faithful companion on this journey type

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share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you when the

way ahead is shrouded in darkness and

confusion remember that my light is

always with you Illuminating the path

you are never walking this path by

yourself my presence is a constant

source of comfort and guidance reach out

to me and I will guide you step by step

ensuring you never lose your way my love

for you is infinite and my power is

boundless encompassing all the trials

and triumphs you

experience every experience in your life

whether joyous or sorrowful

is encompassed by my infinite love and

boundless power there is no trial too

great no Triumph too small for me to be

involved in my love for you is a

never-ending source of comfort and

strength a love that knows no limits or

conditions it is through this love that

my power is manifested in your life

Embrace this love for it is the

foundation upon which all your victories

are built and the cushion upon which all

your trials are softened take solace in

the fact that I have a plan for you

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