God Says ➨ I Will Smile If You Watch

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child pause and listen for the

Symphony of your life is about to

Crescendo into something

extraordinary magnificent and

breathtaking I speak to you with a depth

of affection that knows no

bounds affirm your belief in the

imminent Splendor that awaits you

maintain your faith for in its


embrace you shall not be crushed every

step of your journey every trial

endured has been a carefully

orchestrated preparation for the grand

blessings that await you though at times

you may feel lost in the shadows of

Anguish know that I resonate deeply with

your suffering in your lowest moments

when despair threatens to overwhelm my

spirit is there a the gentle presence

comforting your soul and enriching your

heart there may be occasions when you

perceive my absence moments when it

seems I have withdrawn from your midst

but do not mistake these fleeting

impressions for truth reflect instead on

the journey we have shared can you truly

believe it to be feudal have the

blessings I’ve bestowed upon you been in

vain every word I’ve spoken to you every

gift I’ve granted holds immeasurable

value they are like diamonds precious

and enduring type Amen in the comments

and don’t forget to share this message

with up to three people so that God can

help you and the blessings Yet to Come

are like seeds planted in the soil of

your soul though some may seem lost or

forgotten they are destined to sprout

and flourish yielding abundant fruit for

you and your loved ones therefore I

implore you to find solace in this

moment to accept the peace that I offer

exercise patience as the seeds of your

blessings to take root and grow know

that you stand in the sanctuary of my

presence a Sacred Space where all that

you hold dear will flourish and expand

should tears fall over a seed you fear

is lost let them be tears of

anticipation for through the Fertile

ground of your prayers you will witness

the greatest of blessings


Rejoice for a season of abundance and

celebration is upon you allow me to mold

and shape you according to my divine

plan trust in the steadfastness of my

love for it is unshakable and

unceasing I have longed for this moment

to reassure you of my commitment to pour

out upon you the fullness of my love and

affection embrace the joy and

fulfillment that only I can provide

knowing that I am with you

always guiding you toward a future

filled with hope and

promise in this moment as the burdens of

Life weigh heavily upon your shoulders I

invite you to release them them into my

care if you want God’s message to guide

you further like the video and share it

as much as possible trust in the

intricate tapestry of my divine plan for

your life woven with threads of purpose

and meaning amidst the chaos and

confusion find solace in the assurance

that I am orchestrating every detail for

your ultimate good as you surrender your

fears and doubts to me Envision me as

your Guiding Light Illuminating the path

through the darkest

valleys together

hand in hand we will navigate the rugged

terrain overcoming every obstacle that

dares to stand in our way know that

Victory awaits you at the Journey’s End

where you will emerge radiant and

triumphant enveloped in the warmth of my

unwavering love my precious child take

comfort in the knowledge that you are

never alone for I am with you always

like a Vigilant Guardian I watch over

you with tender care never wavering in

my devotion

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