God Says ➨ I am Sad If You Ignore Me

my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my beloved child I am the

Eternal all powerful all- knowing and

everpresent God the source of all life

wisdom truth and

love it is my greatest joy and desire to

have a deep personal relationship with

each one of you for you are my precious

Sons and Daughters created in my image

and for my glory on this day I wish to

impart profound wisdom and truth that

will guide you on that path to True

success and

fulfillment for far too long the world

has embraced a distorted and empty

definition of success one that is rooted

in the pursuit of material wealth

fleeting Pleasures or selfish ambition T

and vain accomplishments that hold no


value however my beloved ones true

success is not found in the acquisition

of Earthly riches or the attainment of

worldly status and recognition where

true success is defined by living a life

that is wholly centered on me your

heavenly father and dedicated to walking

in obedience to my ways and advancing my

kingdom purposes when I declare my

child success is not just about making a

living it’s about making a life I am

unve ailing a profound truth that stands

in stark contrast to the world’s shallow

and temporary view of success You See It

My Children Your Existence on this Earth

is not merely about acquiring wealth

building a career or accumulating

possessions your life has a far greater

purpose one that transcends the temporal

realm and extends into eternity true

success as defined by my eternal wisdom

and divine

perspective encompasses every aspect of

your being your thoughts

actions or relationships or priorities

and the Legacy you leave behind it is a

holistic concept that involves aligning

your entire life with my perfect will

Walking In obedience to my commands and

allowing my spirit to shape and

transform you into the image of my son

Jesus Christ my greatest desire is to

have an intimate loving relationship

with each one of you true Success is Not

merely knowing about me intellectually

but truly knowing me experience ing my

love grace mercy and transformative

power in every aspect of your daily life

it is when you seek me with all your

heart M and soul that you will find the

purpose meaning and fulfillment you were

created for my son Jesus Christ embodied

this truth perfectly he declared I am

the way the truth and of the light no

one comes to the father except through

me through his sacrificial death on the

cross and glorious

Resurrection Jesus opened the way for

you to have direct access to me your

heavenly F when you place your faith in

Jesus as your lord and savior you are

adopted into my eternal family and a

profound spiritual union is established

between us type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you true success begins when you

Surrender Your Life to Jesus Christ on

repenting of your sins and inviting him

to be the Lord and Master of your life

it is through this personal relationship

with my son that you gain access to the

Abundant Life I have promised the life

filled with my

presence peace joy and everlasting

love my word the Holy Bible is the

Eternal and infallible source of Truth

wisdom and guidance for your life in is

a found sh upon which you must build

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