God Says ➨ Don’t Skip If You Need My Heaven| God Message Today For You | God Tells

God says don’t skip if you need my

heaven God message today for you God

tells my beloved child in this world

full of noise and Chaos I extend my hand

to you do not pass by hastily for I have

a message crafted just for you I invite

you to linger to listen intently for

within these words lies the key to

unlocking the mysteries of your journey

trust in me as I guide you through the

shadows of uncertainty and into the

light of Truth so my beloved I implore

you do not turn away embrace the gift

that awaits you after a few minutes of

this message I promise to answer your

deepest questions and provide Solace for

your weary Soul But first you must

listen to this message Faithfully are

you ready my child my precious child

before the fabric of time W Your

Existence I held you in the tapestry of

my heart your arrival was not a

coincidence but a carefully orchestrated

Masterpiece wherever stroke of Fate was

crafted with intention at the Pinnacle

of this Symphony Of Life lies my

unwavering love for you the most Sublime

gift bestowed upon your journey know

this deeply my beloved your journey is

not defined by the occasional stumble or

the fleeting misstep my affection for

you is not swayed by the transient

Shadows that dance across your path your

flaws do not diminish the light of my

love for it burns Eternal and unyielding

in moments of death doubt do not fear my

judgment or Retreat from My Embrace Your

transgressions do not sever the bond

between us they are but threads woven

into the rich tapestry of your being

each time you return humble and contrite

your sincerity Kindles the Flames of My

Affection your honesty my child is a

beacon that pierces through the veils of

deception I cherish the rawness of your

Truth for it unveils the depths of your

Soul no veil of falsehood can obscure

the purity of your heart from my gaze in

your moments of weakness remember this

my love knows no bounds and my

forgiveness knows no end type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you you are forever

embraced in the arms of my unconditional

love in a world where many Dawn masks of

flawlessness and Holiness stepping into

my realm with intentions to cast

judgment upon those unlike them or those

who Harbor Divergent beliefs you stand

apart you do not align with those who

hastily pass verdicts cloaking

themselves in a false veil of

righteousness instead your e

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