God Says ➨ Don’t Skip If You Love Me and Don’t Lose Me

my cherished child May Tranquility

envelop your spirit

today I approach you with a message

tenderly woven from the depths of our

divine Creator’s heart it is a message

tailored precisely to address the trials

and tribulations that encumber your path

in this Earthly realm a message crafted

to elevate you infusing your essence

with revitalized fortitude and an

indomitable optimism you my dear one are

the cherished handiwork of God himself

fashioned with reverence and excellence

in his likeness each facet of your being

is a

masterpiece meticulously designed with


purpose however amidst the tumult of

this fractured world it is all too fasil

to lose sight of your intrinsic worth

the challenges and afflictions that

besiege you may seem

insurmountable akin to Relentless

tempests battering the shores of your

faith I empathize with the burdens that

weigh upon you for I too trod this

Earthly realm and tasted the bitterness


suffering I am intimately acquainted

with the trials of traversing a path

fraught with Darkness contending with

adversaries and experiencing The Sting

of rejection from those who ought to

have embraced

me yet throughout this journey I

remained Resolute anchored in the

boundless love of my heavenly

father today

as I address you it is not merely in the

capacity of your savior but as someone

intimately connected to you a brother a

friend and a guide in these words I aim

to ignite within you a recognition that

your essence transcends the trials that

besiege you you are not defined by the

magnitude of your problems rather it is

the luminance of your dreams and

aspirations that truly delineates your

being in the tapestry of

existence challenges May weave

themselves into the fabric of your life

seeking to diminish your resolve and

shroud your spirit in doubt yet I

implore you my cherished ones to resist

succumbing to the tyranny of adversity

for these tribulations are fleeting

ephemeral Wisps in The Grand Design of

Eternity it is the dreams carefully sown

by the Divine hand that endure as the

essence of your purpose

awaiting their moment to bloom and

enrich The Garden of Your Existence feel

free to share this video with up to

three people if you feel the need for


presence in moments when the burdens of

existence threaten to overwhelm remember

this you tread not a solitary path

beside you strides a constant companion

I am with you in every step through


trial I bear the weight of your

struggles and in moments of faltering I

extend my hand to uplift you together in

this symbiotic Journey we shall surmount

the tallest peaks of challenge for in

the realm of the Divine The Impossible

is rendered Obsolete and boundless

potential unfurls before us deep within

the recesses of your being lies a

reservoir of Dreams dormant yet

pulsating with the fervor of divine

inspiration These Dreams Are Not Mere

whims or passing desire s they are the

very essence of your soul whispered into

existence by the Creator who intricately

fashioned you in the sacred Embrace of

your mother’s womb do not allow the

dissonance of Doubt or the cacophony of

skepticism to drown out the Symphony of


aspirations for those dissenting voices

are but Hollow Echoes reverberations of

the adversary who Quakes at the prospect

of your Ascent to

Greatness instead anchor yourself in the

unwavering Promises of the Divine who

has ordained a path for you Laden with

prosperity hope and a destiny yet

unveiled my beloved you are The

Luminaries of this world Celestial orbs

set Ablaze at top the cosmic

tapestry Illuminating the path for

Wanderers in the

shadows your dreams like constellations

in the night sky back and forth truth

Seekers and pilgrims alike guiding them

toward the essence of existence

embrace your dreams for in their Pursuit

you embody a Living testament to the

boundless Grace and omnipotence of the

Divine reflect upon The Narrative of

Moses an Exemplar of unwavering Faith

amidst The Tempest of

adversity though confronted with

formidable obstacles he clung

steadfastly to the vision planted within

the fertile soil of his heart through

Divine guidance he steered a nation from

the shackles of bondage to the shores of

promise a testament to the indomitable

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