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my beloved child I come to you with a

message of Love guidance and hope open

your hearts and ears to receive the

words I offer you

today at this moment I give you a simple

yet profound task just

listen my child listen to your heart for

it is there that you will find my voice

calling out to you do not let

distractions pull you away for my

message is meant for you and you

alone my son and daughter trust in me

and I will lead you to peace and

fulfillment beyond

measure so my dear child I urge you

don’t turn away do not let doubt or fear

Cloud your mind embrace my message with

an open heart and allow it to transform

your life in the next few

minutes I promise to answer your

questions to soothe your worries and to

light the path before you but you must

first heed my call and listen fully for

in that listening you will find the

answers you seek my beloved child let me

impart upon you a Timeless truth the

essence of true giving transcends the

material dimensions of size and quantity

it dwells instead in the depths of

sincerity that emanate from the core of


heart consider the humble offering of

the Widow’s might given not out of

abundance but from a place of profound

humility and unwavering

faith in its Simplicity lies a Radiance

that outshines even the grandest of

gifts presented with Pomp and

self-serving motives therefore let your

giving be a reflection of the purity of


intentions let it flow freely and

joyfully unencumbered by thoughts of

recognition or personal gain for in the

selfless act of giving you align

yourself with the very rhythm of my


Kingdom know this my dear one

the treasures of my realm are not

confined to material wealth but abound

in the richness of compassion kindness


generosity as you give without

reservation you tap into the endless

reservoir of blessings that await those

who walk the path of

selflessness if you want God’s grace

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button until our paths converge again

remember that you are dearly loved

beyond measure or

comprehension you are held in the

Embrace of my boundless affection secure

in the knowledge that I am with you

always go forth then and let your giving

be a beacon of light in a world

hungering for love and

compassion my child there are moments

when the ordinary yields to the

extraordinary when the mundane

transcends into the realm of the Divine

it’s in these subtle yet profound

instances that one might experience a

sudden Revelation amidst the humdrum

routines of daily life or find

Enlightenment while beholding their own

creation these Sparks of inspiration Are

Not Mere coincidences but rather sacred

gifts bestowed upon us as gentle

reminders that you are never alone

always accompanied by a guiding presence

even in the foggiest of times yet amidst

the Symphony of Life there will always

be those who cast doubt upon your

beliefs demanding tangible proof and

logical explanations for that which

transcends the material Realm

however faith is not Shackled by the

constraints of empirical evidence or the

bounds of

rationality it dwells within the depths

of our being an innate knowing that

surpasses the need for

validation when confronted by Skeptics

who clamor for tangible signs and

concrete data it’s Paramount to respond

with compassion and understanding for

they are but Travelers on a different

path unable to perceive the profound

truths that pulsate at the core of

existence their skepticism stems from a

limited perspective one that fails to

grasp the intricate tapestry of the

universe and the Unseen threads that

weave through it in the face of

adversity hold steadfast to your

convictions for they are rooted in the

fertile soil of intuition and nurtured

By the Waters of divine

grace Embrace each moment of inspiration

as a sacred communion with the universe

and let its Guiding Light illuminate

your journey toward self-discovery and


consider the plight of those who choose

to ridicule the faithful their actions

akin to a blind individual deriding the

concept of color type Amen in the

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message with up to three people so that

God can help you ignorant of The

Magnificent Spectrum awaiting their

sight yet refrain from casting harsh

judgment upon them for once you two

Traverse the path of Doubt until the

radiance of Enlightenment pierced

through the shroud

patience and empathy wielded with

Grace possess a far greater power to

quell dissent than the most compelling

arguments as they embody the very

essence of the faith under

scrutiny in the face of anger extend a

hand of empathy when confronted with

confusion offer clarity as a beacon of

understanding and when met with judgment

respond with

kindness for therein lies the wisdom and

maturity requisite to navigate the

turbulent Waters of

Discord just as a mighty River gradually

carves through unyielding Rock so does

compassion gradually erode the jagged

edges of animosity over the passage of

time I speak from a place of

understanding for I too have traversed

the terrain of

forgiveness I have known the weight of

resentment the burden of carrying

grievances against those who have caused

pain but through the grace of

forgiveness I have discovered liberation

of freedom from the shackles of

bitterness and anger and so I extend to

you the same

invitation Embrace forgiveness as a

transformative force in your own life

understand that forgiveness is not an

act of condoning or excusing the wrongs

committed against

you rather it is a profound

acknowledgement of your own worthiness

of peace and healing it is a declaration

that no amount of hurt inflicted upon

you can diminish the inherent value of

your being

embrace the essence of my great

Commandment that all beings are

fundamentally connected bound together

by the threads of our shared Humanity in

the grand tapestry of existence surface

differences and Petty squabbles fade

into insignificance when compared to the

unifying force of our Collective Spirit

as you internalize this profound truth

you will find yourself ascending Above

The Fray of Discord and division your

spirit will become a Bastion of Serenity

impervious to the tumultuous Winds of of

conflict and strife though the path

ahead may appear uncertain trust in the

Divine guidance that rests upon your

shoulder a gentle reminder that you are

never alone in your journey take each

step with mindful

intention if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

fully present in the richness of each

passing moment resist the temptation to

dwell in the shadows of regret or to

fixate upon an uncertain

future instead anchor yourself firmly in

the present where the seeds of

transformation are swn and

nurtured my child be patient as the

river that carves its course through the

rocky terrain for time unfolds its

secrets in its own Rhythm let compassion

be your compass guiding your footsteps

along the winding path of life in the

Embrace of patience and empathy the

fruits of Enlightenment ripen nourishing

the hungry soul with the sweetness of

divine grace know my cherished one that

I am ever by your side a silent Sentinel

guiding each step of your journey

wrapped in the arms of my unconditional

love you are cradled in the Eternal

Embrace of the

cosmos have faith dear child and Trust

in the constancy of My Affection if you

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comments unwavering amidst the EB and

flow of Earthly

trials together

we Traverse the labyrinthine corridors

of existence hand in hand heart tohe

heart with each footfall with each

breath drawn we affirm our bond our

sacred Covenant let your spirit take

flight upon the wings of

faith for in the unity of our souls all

things are possible amen my child click

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