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God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my beloved child in the

quiet depths of your

soul I sense the Tremors of Fear The

Whispers of Doubt echoing in the

corridors of your mind but listen

closely for I am here to envelop you in

the Embrace of Truth the radiant truth

that surpasses all

Shadows my boundless compassion my

boundless Grace they eclipse the

darkness of your

uncertainties behold the wondrous

Revelation I have carved a path for you

illuminated by the radiant sacrifice of

my beloved Son his Essence his

Purity they Cascade over you like a


stream adorning you in the robe of

righteousness in my sight you are

liberated you are cherished you are

irrevocably mine therefore dear one

exhale the burdens that weigh upon your

spirit understand that your

endeavors your struggles they cannot

Forge the path ahead yet but fear not

for even now I dispatch wisdom and

resolve to your doorstep my designs my

intentions they soar beyond the realm of

mortal comprehension

yet in my infinite

tenderness I descend to meet you in your

Frailty elevating you to the summit of

my presence embrace the radiance of My

Love For It eclipses the shadows of

doubt if you believe in God then like

the video and leave a heartfelt Amen in


comments rejoice in The Melody of my

grace for it resonates through the

chambers of your

being and remember dear child you need

not strive nor falter for in my Divine

Providence I am the architect of your

destiny guiding you with hands of

unfailing Love rest assured there is no

need for anxiety or

apprehension indeed you are encompassed

within the vast expanse of my profound

salvation despite any perceived

inadequacies I take immense pleasure in

you embracing you holy even in your


unworthiness understand this deeply

there there exists no judgment for those

who reside within the shelter of Christ

Jesus this truth applies to you


Therefore envisage your days with a

profound sense of


tranquility and boundless hope I am

intimately acquainted with every facet

of your Humanity acknowledging fully

your fragility and

vulnerabilities yet with meticulous

care I fashioned you with my own hands

would I forsake my

creation one whom I hold dear


however many have misconstrued my nature

and intentions allowing falsehoods to

permeate their perception of me thus

fostering fear rather than reveling in

the Abundant Joy I

offer as the sun illuminates the sky

each morning so too do I illuminate the

truth within the depths of your being

just as a message undergoes

transformation as it passes from one

person to

another today marks the restoration of

the unadulterated truth of my Essence

within the minds and Souls of my beloved

people this profound unveiling of my

presence will Cascade Through Your

Existence a testament to the embodiment

of my spirit within you guiding and

empowering you along your journey have I

not made the solemn pledge to infuse my

spirit into all Humanity in the final


behold your progeny shall speak div

prophecies the elders shall be visited

by revelatory dreams and the youth shall

witness profound

Visions I am poised to return for a

bride untainted pure as driven

snow thus pave the path for my Advent by

granting me entrance into the inner

sanctum of your hearts and Minds

purifying them completely through the

omnipotent agency of my spirit feel free

to share this video with up to three

people if you feel the need for God’s

presence today mark the dawn of a new

era wherein Clarity strength and

audacity surge forth to envelop you feel

the unfurling of my will through the

hearts of my people across the vast

expanse of the Earth the Antiquated

vessels of the past could not contain

the magnitude of my workings yet within

you resides a vessel refreshed and

renewed a vessel ready to embrace the

profound changes at hand embrace the

revitalizing gusts of my spirit as they

course through your being speak forth

these emancipated blessings into the

fabric of your existence let the

pronouncements of my name compel even

the most daunting medical prognoses to

yield let the legal skirmishes that

assail you witness the Triumph and

Vindication born of my

righteousness let the tendrils of Deceit

that entangle your thoughts be

supplanted by the liberating truths that

are mine to bestow rest assured your

progeny shall return to me for have I

not pledged that those nurtured in my

ways shall remain Stead past even in the

face of advancing


indeed as I have nurtured you within My

Embrace so shall you remain Tethered to

me throughout the EB and flow of

time step into the Embrace of my Serene

Sanctuary a Haven Untouched by the

tumult of the world where Tranquility

flows endlessly from my eternal

Wellspring allow the Gaze of your

innermost being to perceive the

boundless blessings I have ordained for

you the fog of Discord and Chaos

clouding your spiritual sight is

dissipating making way for the radiant

beams of my truth and understanding

though forces of Darkness may have

Unleashed their Fury upon you my

cherished one fear not for I’m

fortifying you with Celestial

reinforcements surpassing all Earthly

opposition the battle is within my grasp

and the Triumph is already yours through

me rebuke those tumultuous thoughts of

anxiety and accusation they are not of

my design but the minations of the

deceiver as you turn to me Whispering

ABA father allow me to hush your

troubled Spirit like a tender babe

cradled In Loving Arms know that you are

shielded within My Embrace let this

moment be etched in your memory as the

unbridled might of my Divine Essence

surges forth both within you and around

you I am saturating you with an

abundance of divine power from the

celestial Realms brace yourself for

wherever you TR R

signs wonders and miracles shall trail

behind you like a glorious comet’s

taale the very essence of joy and the

mantle of authority shall cloak you

radiating from your being all for the

magnificence of my

glory understand this deeply my

affection for you knows no bounds it


eternity within the core of my being a

fervent Blaze ignites solely for you

your presence sets my heart Ablaze with

an unquenchable ardor and my gaze dances

with pure delight at the mere thought of

you you my cherished one are beyond

measure precious and irreplaceable Jewel

the most cherished possession in my

Cosmic treasury may this profound

Revelation seep into the depths of your

soul and take root there you are my

beloved chosen with intent longed for

with an unyielding passion and savor

with every fiber of my being if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel if you do not

believe feel free to leave never allow

the serpent of Darkness to whisper

falsehoods into your ear attempting to

convince you of your unworthiness or

abandonment you are forever embraced

within the sanctuary of my love and In


Embrace you shall find

Solace strength and unyielding


allow the essence of my being to

illuminate your path leading you

unfailingly towards the truth each day

Embrace a deeper understanding of my

boundless love and unwavering presence

both in this life and Beyond rejoice in

the promise of

Enlightenment Liberation and divine

encounters that lie ahead know that I am

Forever by your

side in moments of Despair call out to

me and and my response will be

swift persistently seek the radiance of

my countenance and you shall want for

nothing my affection for you transcends

time embracing you in every moment

despite your imperfections and

shortcomings let this truth resonate

within you now and for

eternity amen my child click on the join

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