God Says➤ You Will Regret If You Ignore Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says you will regret if you ignore

me God message today Jesus affirmations

my child I made the universe with love

that is bigger than the universe itself

and my love lives in every Starry corner

of it unchanging and Endless Love is the

thread that holds everything together it

goes far beyond what you can see or even

imagine and your heart is held in this

huge tapestry in the same way that the

Sun keeps Shining

even when clouds gather my love for you

won’t change even when Shadows Fall on

your path you you should know this my

dear as you stand under the vast Sky

whether it’s colored with the colors of

dawn or the Dark Velvet of night it’s

just a shadow of how stable I am as sure

as the path of the Stars I will always

be faithful to you knowing this should

not move you to a reverence that stirs

the soul when you praise me you become a

mirror that shows how Great I Am it is a

deep truth that when you turn your face

toward me in genuine love you start to

show the world a clearer picture of me

your light shines like the light of a

sun that can’t be seen at night like the

moon every word of worship and every

note of a hymn is like a hammer and

chisel in the hands of the Holy Spirit

making you more like

me this change doesn’t always happen

without pain but it always has a reason

don’t forget that the love that reaches

the sky also falls gently on you the

pure joy that that comes from the

Heavenly Realms pours over you like a

waterfall when you look at me I will

always have a smile that shines brighter

than the Sun and my love for you will be

so strong that it will turn even the

deepest sadness into a faint sound this

love is like a NeverEnding stream and

you my beloved are welcome to dive into

it let it wash over for you and let it

keep you alive and make you new no

matter how dry the desert is there is no

not that can’t be untangled and no night

that the day can’t beat hold on to this

truth and let it be the anchor for your

soul Let It Be Your sure and steady hope

yes there will come a time when you will

rise above the clouds and my heart will

be filled with joy because there is

nothing better for a dad than to see his

kid come home the glory that lies ahead

of you is beyond words it’s a tapestry

of light life and love that’s waiting

for you to touch it and be there with it

remember that I am always with you as

you walk this Earth there is no doubt

that I am here with you just like the

air you Bray

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