God Says➤ You Will Be Punished If You Skip Me Today

my dear child I speak to you now from

the depths of Eternity where time has no

meaning and love is the very fabric of

existence I am the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end and I am with

you always guiding you comforting you

and loving you beyond measure you are a

precious Soul a unique expression of my

Divine love and I cherish you more than

you can possibly imagine I see your

struggles your fears and your doubts and

I want you to know that you are never

alone I am always here whispering to you

in the Silence of your heart gently

nudging you toward the path of Love and

Truth my child I want you to know that

you are worthy of love and belonging

just as you are you do not need to earn

my love or prove yourself to me in any

way you are enough exactly as you are

and my love for you is unconditional and

eternal I see the burdens you carry the

wounds you bear and the pain you hide

from the world I am here to heal you to

comfort you and to help you find peace

in the midst of life’s storms trust in

me lean on me and I will carry you

through even the darkest of nights do

not be afraid for I am the light that

shines in the darkness and the Darkness

can never overcome it trust in my love

and let it fill you with courage

strength and hope know that I have a

plan for you a plan plan to prosper you

and not to harm you a plan to give you

hope and a future my child I call you to

walk in the path of love and compassion

to treat others with kindness and

respect and to be a beacon of light in a

world that is too often filled with

Darkness love your neighbors as yourself

forgive those who have wronged you and

let go of resentment and bitterness

remember that you are part of something

greater than yourself part of a vast

tapestry of life that stretches across

time and space

you are connected to every living being

in the universe bound together by the

bonds of Love That unite us all Embrace

this interconnectedness and let it

inspire you to live with empathy

compassion and

humility my child I know that life can

be difficult and that you will face many

challenges along the way but do not lose

heart for I am always with you guiding

you supporting you and loving you

uncondition Ally trust in me and let my

love be your Guiding Light in the

darkness know that I am always here for

you listening to your prayers and

answering them in ways that are beyond

your understanding trust in my wisdom

and know that I am working all things

together for your good even when it

seems like all hope is lost my child I

love you more than you can possibly

imagine and my love for you will never

fade or diminish

trust in me and let my love fill you

with peace joy and hope now and forever

more in the beginning there was only the

void an infinite expanse of nothingness

until from the depths of that Darkness I

spoke and light burst forth scattering

across the cosmos like a thousand stars

I am the Creator the source of all life

and from the moment of creation I have

watched over the unfolding of the

universe with tender care and boundless


as the eons passed I shaped the heavens

and the Earth breathed life into the

dust of the earth and watched in Wonder

as my creation flourished and evolved

yet with the gift of Free Will came the

possibility of choice and soon my

beloved children turned away from the

path of love and light choosing instead

to follow the path of darkness and

separation the story of humanity is a

tapestry woven with both light and

Shadow a symphony of joy and sorrow of

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