God Says➤ You Will Be Punished If You Skip

dear child I’m going to open a huge door

in your life but remember to stay humble

so that your pride doesn’t get in the

way of your

future open your Bible and read my holy

word this will help you have more faith

and trust in me as you listen to me

every morning Hold On Tight to what I

say and what I promise I walked among

people while I was on Earth I carried

their burdens felt their pain and gave

them the hope of endless life at this

point I have given you the same task to

carry my love and shine my light into a

world that is often dark remember that

the father sent me the Lord Jesus now I

send you there are many people in the

world who are blind in spirit as well as

sight they can’t let the light of my

love into their hearts they trip and

fall in the darkness they have made for

themselves scared and lost they don’t

know that a whispered prayer can save

them I help the blind see and healed

them now it’s your turn my dear one to

open their eyes to the truth and a hope

that shines brighter than Dawn that job

might make you wonder how you can do it

you will cut through the darkness not

with your own power but with mine I

spoke to storms and they stopped and I

spoke to sickness and it got better in

the same way I will speak through your

words act through your actions and love

through your heart since your life is

proof that I am here it can help people

who are blind to my light see it start

to shine you have a holy spark inside

you a light that is meant to shine out

like a city on a hill that can’t be

hidden don’t turn down that light or

hide it out of fear or doubt instead

make it bright so everyone can see it

you show my love by being kind to

strangers being there for lonely people

and comforting those who are sad every

kind thing you do or honest thing you

say is like a candle burning in the dark

leading the Lost back to me remember

that I am with you all the time as you

go about your day there are other people

with you I heard the Poor’s cries healed

the sick and ate with sinners in the

same way I want you to look past the

surface to find the world’s secret

Brokenness and touch it with my Healing

Hand do good things even when you’re

tired because you will get a reward in

due time if you don’t give up The Path

may be rough and the load heavy but I am

here with you joining my strength with

yours let your words always be my words

your touch always be my touch and your

love always be my love every heart you

free and every life you change with my

word is a thread in the huge tapestry of

redemption I’m weaving through history

listen because I’m right there with you

closer than the sound of your breath I

am the one who made you saved you and

will always comfort you I am very

familiar with all of your ways so I know

your problems and the weight you carry

what does it get to you as the sun moves

across the sky what problems keep you up

at night and keep you from having the

peace I so desperately want for you does

Fear hold you hostage or is it

loneliness that wraps around your spirit

I see you I can tell you’re tired by the

way your steps are heavy and the look on

your face I don’t want you to be chained

to sin sadness or the constant pressures

of a world that can be mean and

unforgiving people whose names you may

not have seen or talked to in a long

time will be put on your heart you are

being sent to them because I will bless

you through them and you will be an

answer to their prayers my child this is

how it works blessed are those who truly

believe in me and come to me with an

open heart take good care of your health

and your family do not put things off I

give you the strength and knowledge to

handle different scenarios today don’t

wait until the last minute when you’re

desperate because you didn’t listen to

me which will make you angry for no

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