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my beloved child today you’ve opened

your heart to me rekindling the Covenant

we share you offer me your faith trust

in the fullness of your hope and trust

that I hear your please let go of the

weight of anxiety that might make you

think your words do not reach the

heavens from the very day you cried out

an angel departed from my Celestial

Throne holding the key to your

Liberation you are a special Soul

engaged in a Celestial battle for your

life the adversary seeks to drag you

down to wish for your failure but my

heavenly armies wage war against these

forces of evil the challenges that have

befallen You Are Not Mere coincidences

they serve a purpose I call on you to be

vigilant and wise cautious with your

words share your innermost thoughts with

care for the enemy seeks to devour you

to exploit your vulnerabilities and to

break your faith with lies and deception

your future is a tapestry of Wonders and

miracles while you may face trials for a

season know that your problems are not

Everlasting they will fade away the

burdens that weigh you down will lift

and those who have hurt you may return

seeking forgiveness but remember your

faith and trust must remain Anchored In

Me Alone even when others promise you

the world hold fast to the knowledge

that only I possess the power to bless

and protect you from evil I am the

source of Truth truth I never fail nor

do I deceive should you place your trust

in empty promises from deceitful Hearts

your blessings will dissipate like the

wind and some may never return so this

is your moment anchor your faith in my

powerful and Eternal Word unchanging and

steadfast throughout all time the hour

of decision approaches choose my love my

affection and embrace it fully make a

solemn commitment to meet with me every

morning to listen immerse yourself in

the word that has illuminated your path

and given you purpose fear not when you

come before me for I long to hear your

voice no matter your state or emotion my

doors are wide open and my ears

attentive come before the sun rises it

is the perfect moment to bring me your

desires and feel my loving Embrace speak

to me openly for your words Echo your

thoughts and reserving a place for me in

your heart is a fragrant offering share

your dreams your needs your frustrations

and your doubts tell me everything for I

am your friend the one who truly

understands and comprehends you the

storms of adversity may have shaken you

leading to unexpected times of anxiety

the Lash of contempt and cruelty may

have bruised your soul leaving you

breathless yearning for peace my word is

yours and you shall receive it I will

fill your heart with strength

in the midst of Trials you will find

Tranquility when you are weak you will

find your strength in me and when you

falter fear will not consume you cling

to my promises when your burdens become

overwhelming come to me never forget

that I am with you and do not let doubt

rob you of the blessings that await you

I bless you because I love you and I

have chosen to do so tell me once more

my beloved that you love me with all

your soul tell me that you believe in me

and today you will witness how I touch

your life and the lives of your family

with my love and power I love you my

child and I long to enter your home and

work a mighty miracle I stand at the

door of your heart gently knocking will

you open it and allow me to do something

new wonderful and Powerful in your life

I have seen your circumstances and I

will never allow scarcity to reach your

home or harm your family I will shout

your home with an abundance of blessings

for years to come your faithfulness your

prayers your tears and your dedication

have not gone unnoticed you believed in

me and I have heard your cries prepare

your heart my beloved for a great change

is on the horizon do not cling to the

past with its worries and discouragement

embrace the transformation that I am

bringing into your life for it is filled

with wisdom power and the ability to

make Sound Decision decisions be

grateful and Trust for I am changing

your life and preparing you for the

moment when countless opportunities will

come your way you have sown seeds of

faith in your heart for a long time I

have witnessed your unwavering trust in

me even in the face of life’s most

difficult trials your struggles have not

gone unnoticed and your steadfast faith

has been your Guiding Light the time has

come to reap the rewards of your faith

and perseverance you have never sought

recognition or worldly riches your

desire has always been to provide for

your family to break free from the

chains of debt and to be a source of

love and support for those you hold dear

I want to bless you and it is my will to

do so amen do not be afraid for your

life rests securely in my hands do not

be swayed by the troubling news of the

world and do not allow insults and

negativity to penetrate your soul

your enemies May seek to instill fear

and doubt but I am here to reassure you

that your blessings are yours to claim

when insults come your way when others

speak ill of you and attempt to slander

your name hold fast to my love and my

word seek my presence and find solace in

our intimate connection your faith and

love for me must remain unshaken even in

the face of adversity I am reshaping

everything around you lifting your

burdens and uprooting rooting the

negative emotions that have taken root

in your heart you are emerging as a new

creation born a new in spirit no longer

burdened by depression loneliness hatred

or envy your soul and mind are now

filled with faith optimism strength and

unbridled Joy even your enemies will be

taken aback by your transformation left

frustrated as they struggle to find ways

to disturb and undermine you but you my

beloved have chosen to cling to my love

in my word trusting in me more than in

their malicious words the pain and

strife that once weighed you down have

vanished and the anxieties that eroded

your faith are no more open your eyes

today to a new down of peace and

happiness accept it believe it even if

you cannot yet see it with your Earthly

eyes yet you can feel it can’t you you

know deep within that you are no longer

the same my Supernatural presence

envelops you enfolding you in my

boundless love and affection you are not

weak you are strong you are not a

failure you are a conqueror you are not

defeated you have risen through my

divine power and now you stand as a

Victor tell me once more my dear that

you believe in me with all your soul and

if you receive my blessing shout it with

all your might I have come to remind you

that you are never alone there were days

when tears flowed freely due to sudden

challenges when circumstances seemed

Bleak and when those you trusted most

turned their backs on you when you

needed them most in those moments of

sorrow and hurt know that your tears

reach the heavens where your destiny is

woven fear not for I am here with you

speaking to your heart in the gentlest

of Whispers I want you to know that I

have blessings beyond measure ready for

you more than you could ever imagine or

request your life will be filled with

wonders beyond your wildest dreams as

the day please turn into months think

back on your journey the times of pain

and tears and the moments when despair

seemed endless through it all I have

been by your side turning your trials

into seasons of love and blessings

remember this always for I don’t want

you to become prideful thinking you

earned these marvelous blessings Through

Your Own Strength stay close to me in

prayer and remain vigilant for the enemy

prows like a roaring lion seeking to

devour your faith the enemy will try to

shake your convictions and dismantle

your dearest plans but you know my voice

deep within your heart you recognize it

you are my precious sheep and I assure

you that nothing will stand against you

no one can steal the blessings destined

for you commit to me believe in me and I

will never forget my promises when the

time comes to answer your prayers your

tears have not been shed in vain they

are seen and remembered you will witness

this when you receive the rewards for

your courage and

sacrifices time flies by and it may seem

like it’s slipping through your fingers

treasure and hold dear the words I speak

to you my love for you is eternal and my

grace is always available to you rejoice

be glad and prepare to receive my

response with open arms it will be well

for you I your heavenly father have

written your future long before your

birth in my hands I hold the beautiful

things you desire and dream of the

prayers for those you love all inscribed

in my sacred book I forget nothing

everything has its appointed time and

season my desire is to bless you to open

doors to nurture your wisdom Faith

humility and patience you are my beloved

child and I have planted you in a place

where you can grow and bear fruit the

map to these blessings lies within my

holy and powerful word embrace it with

unwavering faith and fervor keep it

close to your heart if your past has

been marred by failures and you felt

like giving up Proclaim these words

aloud my past is behind me from this day

forward my life my family and my future

shall be blessed never be ashamed to

share my word before anyone in my

promises you’ll find eternal life

Majestic Miracles the Supernatural and

answers to your deepest questions when

You Face an insert surmountable obstacle

my word will provide the wisdom to

overcome it open your Bible read it

again and desire to learn and grow as

you read you will feel my presence

beside you guiding you word by word

helping you to know me better never

doubt the faithfulness of my love and

don’t fear that I will condemn you every

time you make a mistake I reside in your

heart and in my hands I hold blessings

opportunities Grace and forgiveness

I have driven away the Devourer and now

I call you to surrender yourself

completely to me believe in me without

doubt or reservation I will bring you

much happiness for I have written and

sealed it long before your birth I love

you and no one can harm you I will

deliver you from the troubles that

trouble you and today you will witness a

supernatural Testament to my love for

you you will live and keep fighting you

and your family are in my hands I have

the final will say and I determine your

destiny your mission is to persevere

through all you endure hold your head

high for you are strong and you are not

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