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my beloved child today with the fervent

Faith burning within you you are forging

your path in the Journey of Life Embrace

this moment my beloved child it is time

to let go of the past to release the

burdens that have weighed you down allow

me to guide you towards the light

towards the path of love peace and joy

you are not alone I am with you every

step of the way I’m Overjoyed that you

have chosen to confide in me to share

your heart’s deepest troubles you are

once again savoring the beauty of life

yet you are also confronting the hidden

burdens within your soul know that

speaking with me daily will Infuse you

with great strength fortify your faith

and free you from the heavy burdens

weighing down your soul your spirit will

soar and joy will overflow within you I

see the joy filling your heart and now

it is your turn to speak fear not to

pour out your heart to me for I love you

deeply I am elated to witness you

seeking affection and nourishment

through my words and it’s perfectly fine

you are already noticing the

transformation within yourself if there

are still concerns Weighing on your

heart remember that I am here for you I

understand that sometimes life’s

challenges can leave you breathless

overwhelmed by countless thoughts but

each morning come to me in prayer and

together we will mend your circumstances

allowing you to face life with renewed

Happiness unburdened by the weight you

no longer need to carry reflect my child

on the greater things that require your

attention do not fret over scenarios

that may never come to pass for I am

watching over you have faith and uplift

your spirits kneel or simply stay where

you are close your eyes and Express

gratitude for your family work and

health sometimes you need not even ask

but I Delight in your requests I

encourage you to ask with unwavering

confidence without doubt my ear is

attentive and my angels stand ready as

soon as they receive my command they

will hasten to your side for they were

created to obey me and serve you you are

my cherished child and I am the one who

Graces your life and blankets you in

Mercy do not hesitate to ask of me I

eagerly await your petitions I will

provide you with the finest wheat honey

from The Rock and I will open the

windows of Heaven to shower you with

Abundant Blessings overflowing and holy

invoke your faith for I possess the

power to move mountains of Sorrow

dismantle the barriers of evil and

shatter the chains of sin Vice and

destructive habits request from me all

that is good sweet kind and

uplifting even if it seems impossible if

it contributes to your Eternal growth

and Earthly well-being

ask of me and in my perfect timing I

shall lovingly respond I am acutely

aware of your struggles your worries and

your emotions I closely monitor your

needs desires and Sorrows I am present

when you shed tears experience

discouragement or feel the pangs of

loneliness rest assured I shall never

release your hand I know you need me

once more today not long ago you were

respondent crying out my God where are

you today today I offer you the sign to

reassure you of my attentive presence as

you prepare for what lies ahead persist

in your daily prayers sense my proximity

beside you and learn to know me

intimately I am your loving father and

my love is perfect when I declare my

love for you believe it for I speak the

truth I love you deeply and I desire

your well-being your strength and your

enjoyment of each day of life that I

have granted you dedicate time to me

every day and also give your family

quality time and attention greet them

every morning with a smile and do not go

to bed angry with anyone do not judge or

shout at anyone I will give you the

strength to seek me first before making

important decisions do not try to

resolve problems when you are tired and

do not bring your work problems home a

soft answer quiets anger never respond

with harsh words and never react with

violence do not raise your hand against

anyone truly I want to bless you even

more but I want your daily attitude to

reflect my power love tenderness and

Holiness I do not want your home to be

filled with impure words not even in

justest guard what comes from your lips

and let each room be filled with an

aroma of cleanliness of spirit and heart

a holy fountain you cannot bring forth

pure water and at the same time dirty

water with impurities from your soul may

your home be filled with the scent of

peace and spiritual Harmony I know you

will not be perfect but try you have

nothing to lose above all watch that my

word resounds in every corner of your

home as much as you praise let your

walls vibrate hang simple pictures with

strengthening words if you want to

please me let me see that this holy word

is transforming your being in your home

as your being changes you will rebuild

all those you love and they will be

motivated to open their hearts to me

they will finally see that I am a real

God and not just a mandatory weekly

tradition I am your omnipotent God I

want you to know that I have everlasting

Mercy for you I am here to protect and

shield those I love cradling you

tenderly in the palm of my hand when you

love me and listen to my voice it warms

my heart your understanding and

obedience bring us closer together your

life is undergoing a beautiful

transformation and your character is

growing stronger every day you are the

one who loves and Believes In Me and I

want you to remember that no matter what

challenges you face today I am with you

I will defend you against any

adversaries and Grant you Victory I will

restore everything that has been taken

from you you I will multiply your gifts

and talents lifting you up in honor I

will clothe you in New garments and

anoint your head with holy oil you are

changing and your past wounds are

healing I cast your sins deep into the

sea and you should hold on to this hope

day and night you will hear my voice as

you leave your home and when you return

to your bed feel my presence with you

and you will find peace and solace when

you seek me with your faith I have

countless blessings in store for you

this year so prepare yourself wisely for

it will come to pass in the name of the

Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I

speak to you with love caressing your

heart our morning prayers together are a

beautiful time these moments soar on

their wings to the highest clouds I hear

all your requests and I will grant you

more than you ask for I will give you

Serenity security

emotional strength and wisdom you have

honored Me by believing in my promise

and I will bless you abundantly I will

watch over your entire family protecting

them from harm and attacks fear will not

hold them back for they have a true and

marvelous purpose in this world as you

continue to pray your faith will work

wonders the Gates of Heaven open and my

holy spirit is always ready to guide and

comfort you never let life’s worry steal

your desire to seek me I don’t want you

to miss the many blessings that are on

their way now I want to hear from you

your voice tells me so much but in your

heart I see your Noble intentions

sometimes it may seem like my response

is delayed but I answer you at the

perfect time do not despair if your

desires are not immediately fulfilled do

not lose faith if you do not have the

solution in your hands yet share this

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