God Says➤ This is Your Last Warning, Don’t skip Me Again | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child have faith and open

your eyes because the Earth is shaking

and a thriving Sprout is emerging from

the ground already you are able to see

it this year you will be able to harvest

a great harvest so make sure that this

is engrained in your heart the seeds

that you believe to be dead have been

brought back to life and will come back

to you as blessings that are beautiful

and true enriching your spiritual life

they are not going to bring any sadness

with them they are not going to carry

any burdens of tension and problems with

them it is because of me that you are in

this predicament my child the unwavering

faith that you have in me touches my

heart deeply and I love you beyond all

measure when you go about your daily

activities keep in mind that I am here

with you and that my love for you will

never change or change form be conscious

of the fact that I am your guide and

your provider in this place place where

your spirit has the potential to soar

you will be able to fulfill your

requirements if you treat other people

with compassion and

kindness keep in mind however that you

should not put your complete faith in

mere mortals it is imperative that you

adhere to my Commandments put aside any

uncertainty or pessimism and rise with

unwavering Faith Miracles that are

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams can take

place right in front of your very eyes

if you have faith this is not a game nor

is it luck nor are these words empty it

is the power of my holy word which is

always fulfilled in perfect timing

according to my divine plan you long for

a change for prosperity and for the

people you care about to be completely

without anything a transformation is

something that you yearn for with all of

your heart and I am here to tell you

that I am able to transform you and that

I will transform you the ability to

transform people’s hearts and Minds from

Darkness to light is within my reach and

I intend to exercise that power however

I require your faith the time has come

for you to move on from the past because

you are about to embark on a New Journey

in the spirit of Faith extend your hand

forward and seize the blessings that I

have placed in front of you your

tribulations have prepared you and the

time has come for you to shine the

Miracles that I will perform in your

life and the lives of those you care

about will be of the highest quality

today there is no need to feel hopeless

about the door that has been shut

instead communicate with me affirm your

thoughts and write it

down I now ask that you publicly

acknowledge your faith in me that you

take these words of Solace and that you

accept the Heavenly encouragement that I

offer there is no reason to feel

hopeless when one door closes within a

short period of time another magnificent

door will swing open ushering in

something even more wonderful be

conscious of the fact that there is a

spiritual conflict taking place in the

Heavenly realm for your life and your

faith there are many adversaries who

make it their mission to impede your

development whether they come from the

outside or from within even if they are

hidden from your view the Divine

knowledge that I will place in your path

will serve to direct you Embrace this

Guidance with a sense of humility and

make time for prayer and you will find

that additional information is revealed

to you at the conclusion of this

conflict you will emerge Victorious

every obstacle that stands in your way

will be

destroyed take into account the fact

that your efforts alone are not enough

to win victories in the event that you

disobey my word and abandon your faith

the adversary will endeavor to plant the

seeds of Discord within you you will

travel a great distance you will bless a

great number of people’s lives and your

family will flourish in wisdom and

humility of heart each and every facet

of their lives will be adorned with

prosperity it is imperative that we

travel This Road Together please extend

your hand to me you are now ready to

ascend to the spiritual Heights where

the Destinies of people are shaped and

lives are transformed there are a

multitude of wonderful and wonderful

things that are waiting for you during

the time that you are paying attention

to what I have to say the groundwork for

your life is being laid for a solid

foundation which will ensure that future

Generations will know me and serve me

every single one of them will be endowed

with one-of-a-kind gifts and talents as

well as a strong desire to acquire

knowledge and preparation that goes

beyond what you can currently imagine it

is not predetermined that your family

will be trapped in a state of spiritual

destitution emotional disarray or

financial burden your enemies will be

defeated and obstacles will be overcome

I don’t promise an easy life but I

assure you that faith and strength will

never leave your side fill yourself with

courage knowing that your Victory is

certain embrace my promises which bring

healing to your body Clarity to your

thoughts and strength to your heart I

want to break the chains of

discouragement and depression that weigh

on you and make you doubt my words

release them that deceptive friendship

that leads you towards failure all these

burdens will fade away a powerful

Miracle awaits if you commit to obeying

me and holding on to my love don’t be

like those who crawl in the dirt chasing

false promises of material wealth and

fleeting Fame they believe that my

presence and power favore those who

loudly Proclaim their lives but that’s a

deceitful lie they reject my word they

don’t accept me for who I am they don’t

want to know the one who came into the

world as a servant and gave his life on

a cross but you my child have opened

your heart to me and I desire to do

marvelous things within you clothe your

soul in humility and reject the

offerings of the Devourer I’m here to

assist you to Grant you more peace and

wisdom so that waiting doesn’t wear you

down so that complaints and doubts don’t

erode your faith and happiness speak to

me now with all your heart and say my

God I believe in you you I trust you and

with patience I await my blessing I

promise you what you’ve asked for will

come to pass you’ve always believed in

me knowing that all your prayers in the

name of Jesus will be answered I want to

announce to you New Times Abundant

Blessings Open Heavens and overflowing

blessings that will fill every corner of

your life in your home you and your

family will overflow with peace and

happiness all of this is possible for

those who believe in me who keep my word

in their hearts and patiently await the

blessing without faltering remember my

child you must remain steadfast and

patient life takes time to be born just

like the months it takes for a child

to come into the world a seed Must Fall

on fertile ground be broken and

transformed before it can Sprout and

grow your blessings are valuable and

Powerful but they require time and

effort to fall into place for your good

I know you understand this and I trust

that you won’t be discouraged keep your

Gaze on the horizon as you take each

step forward leaving behind your current

circumstances don’t fear change

everything is designed for your good I

want you to be surrounded by people and

resources that help you grow if you walk

with me no one can defeat you accuse you

or judge you for I will be your Defender

oh my child child if only you could see

with your spiritual eyes the Heavenly

armies that stand beside you if you

could witness my Divine Light

illuminating your path and how your

enemies fall if you could perceive the

movements of Heaven and Earth in your

favor soon I will reveal Grand Visions

to you in your dreams offering you a

taste of Heaven on Earth I can move the

entire universe to bring you blessings

as I see your sincere and unwavering

faith in me your faith is Brave and

that’s why I respond to you daily with a

different message each day may bring new

challenges but my love for you will

never change before you continue with

your daily tasks know this my child I

love you deeply but I long to hear those

words from your own lips to hear you say

Jesus beloved I love you too there is

nothing you can ask of me that my love

cannot provide I will restore what

belongs to you your dignity and the

place you rightfully deserve I have a

better life in store for you if you give

me your heart and accept the healing and

forgiveness that my sweet love offers

the promises are already written you

carry them in your heart so if you

choose to believe do so with the full

strength of your mind and soul share

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