God Says➤ This is Your Last Warning, Don’t skip Me Again | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says this is your last warning don’t

skip me again God message today Jesus

affirmations my beloved child have faith

and open your eyes because the Earth is

shaking and a thriving Sprout is

emerging from the ground already you are

able to see it this year you will be

able to harvest a great harvest so make

sure that this is ingrained in your

heart the seeds that you believe to be

dead have been brought back to life and

will come back to you as blessings that

are beautiful and true enriching your

spiritual life they are not going to

bring any sadness with them they are not

going to carry any burdens of tension

and problems with them it is because of

me that you are in this predicament my

child the unwavering faith that you have

in me touches my heart deeply and I love

you beyond all measure when you go about

your daily activities keep in mind that

I am here with you and that my love for

you will never change or change form be

conscious of the fact that I am your

guide and your provider in this place

place where your spirit has the

potential to soar you will be able to

fulfill your requirements if you treat

other people with compassion and

kindness keep in mind however that you

should not put your complete faith in

mere mortals it is imperative that you

adhere to my Commandments put aside any

uncertainty or pessimism and rise with

unwavering Faith Miracles that are

Beyond Your Wildest dreams can take

place right in front of your very eyes

if you have faith this is not a game nor

is it luck nor are these words empty it

is the power of my holy word which is

always fulfilled in perfect timing

according to my divine plan you long for

a change for prosperity and for the

people you care about to be completely

without anything a transformation is

something that you yearn for with all of

your heart and I am here to tell you

that I am able to trans transform you

and that I will transform you the

ability to transform people’s hearts and

Minds from Darkness to light is within

my reach and I intend to exercise that

power however I require your faith the

time has come for you to move on from

the past because you are about to embark

on a New Journey in the spirit of Faith

extend your hand forward and seize the

blessings that I have placed in front of

you your tribulations have prepared you

and the time has come for you to shine

the Miracles that will perform in your

life and the lives of those you care


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