God Says➤ This is your Last Day If You Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says this is your last day if you

skip vertical bar God message today

vertical bar Jesus affirmations my

beloved child here your dreams will

become reality this is the moment for

you to embrace my will and allow me to

work in your life you are meant to S not

to retreat spread your wings and Ascend

higher where I have blessings waiting

for you despair will no longer be your

companion and sadness and discouragement

will have no place in your life from

this day forward you will live with a

burning and active Faith each morning as

the sun rises choose happiness in every

circumstance and let no bad news or

worries erase the beautiful smile that

Graces your face remember my dear child

you are mine my Holy Spirit dwells

within you making you different from the

world while Others May tremble at rumors

and falter in hope you possess my

Supernatural love your faith is a wonder

and from your lips flow powerful prayers

and words so go forth my child you’re

free be filled with joy and share the

words I have given you with your family

I love you and I will deliver you from

despair infusing your heart with courage

face each day with bravery for I am with

you and I will never let you fall do not

fear for I know your trials are

difficult but my strength is greater

your enemies may rise against you but I

am more powerful sickness May seek to

steal your hope but I desire to heal you

family problems May distress you but I

will work a marvelous miracle and your

situation will change now tell me will

you believe in me or will you doubt

choose to believe and you will rise

persist fight fulfill your

responsibilities and persevere in faith

please do not stray from this path this

is where you are truly loved this is

your home your Sanctuary where you can

feel protected and filled filled with

peace allowing you to rest at night with

deep and rejuvenating dreams tonight as

you sleep you will dream of standing

beside a crystal clear River and with

your eyes you will look at me I will

extend my arms and you will walk

Barefoot on that miraculous water

carrying away all your pains anger and

frustrations when you wake up in the

morning you will feel different full of

strength you will realize that I have

removed the heavy burden from your

shoulders you will feel great and this

is one of the rewards for those who

believe again who accept their mistakes

and return to their faith You are not

alone in this journey I am with you

every step of the way go

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