God Says➤ This is Your Final Call, Don’t Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says this is your final call don’t

skip God message today Jesus

affirmations my beloved child it’s time

to stand up and leave behind the

mistakes of the past without losing

faith stop looking down lift your face

and enjoy the good things that will

happen because I your heavenly father

have chosen you to receive my inner

retent you know that in my presence you

can find rest and strength you’ve

listened carefully to my promise

so if you truly believe in them show it

by standing up and facing any problem

with determination and faith I am your

God the creator of all you see I know

what I’m doing and I’m guiding you with

my Holy Spirit ins spearing you with the

light of my word I will bless the place

where you live and send a reign of

blessings so you and your family can

reap the fruit of your efforts in my

perfect time if you’re hearing these

words you will understand them bow your

knees with reverence because the place

and time where you are hearing it Are

Holy I want to perform Supernatural

miracles in your life but I require your

faith commitment and loyalty this is a

token of my love because you asked for

it these two words are my sign I love

you if I didn’t abandon you yesterday I

won’t abandon you today I’ve always been

with you in your good and bad days in

times of joy and affliction I never

rejected you or forgot about you stand

firm if you feel your faith weakening

speak those promises I gave you loudly

let those who cause you problems know

that that I am with you every day until

the end you depend on me cling to my

grace don’t dwell on whether you deserve

all these blessings if you believe in me

accept this blessing I give you when you

receive it in your hands it will

multiply into great gifts and beautiful

Presence at last you will have what you

need to bless your family and share with

those in Need You will have an abundance

of bread health strength and peace but

you must use your faith and come to

receive these blessings don’t doubt

anymore don’t walk backward and don’t

hide from my presence in the darkness

I’m speaking to you because I want you

to come and I want to answer your prayer

remove curses and sickness from you and

your family I am not seeking to take

something away from you but if I do it’s

because I’m going to give you even

better things you are entering an

important and decisive moment you have

changed so much you’re not the same as

yesterday you are ready to make

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