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God told me he has a surprise for you I

God’s message now today God helps my

beloved child I am reaching out to you

today with a message of pure love and

genuine affection I want you to receive

this message not just in your mind but

deep within your heart allow yourself to

be truly touched by my words and feel

the depth of my care for you you don’t

have to face life feeling exhausted and

discouraged I am here to lift your

spirits and fill you with renewed

strength my love for you is unwavering

and today I want you to experience it in

a profound way I will demonstrate my

love through various means speaking to

your soul with gentle kindness and

proclaiming my devotion through powerful

words your beautiful soul has captured

my attention when you close your eyes

and talk with me it brings me great joy

I cherish your Beating Heart filled with

joy and divine happiness especially when

you come to listen listen to me in the

quiet of the morning today I am blessing

your day with peace tranquility strength

and wisdom I have been attentive to your

prayers and it warms my heart to hear

you express your need for me if anyone

tries to bring conflict or stress into

your life today you will instantly sense

my Divine love surrounding and shielding

you my protective arm will guard you

from all distress ensuring that your

soul remains filled with joy joy those

around you your family and friends will

be astonished by the change they see in

you they will wonder what has caused you

to radiate with such Brilliance even

your adversaries will retreat in fear

realizing their powerlessness in the

face of your unwavering Faith you are

surrounded by a supernatural Shield of

divine protection countless angels are

encamped around your home watch ing over

your loved ones day and night in this

moment as you have come to listen to me

in this intimate space know that you are

deeply cherished just as you are I am

fully aware that you are not perfect but

I see the sincerity of your repentance

within your soul you are diligently

working on transforming your character

attitudes thought patterns and

interactions with others I have chosen

you to be abundant ly blessed despite

the challenges you have faced you will

no longer be weighed down by such sorrow

and pain my Holy Spirit and my word are

imparting Supernatural and wonderful

wisdom to you you are gaining the

ability to make wise choices and not be

influenced by those who see

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