God Says➤ Please Don’t Make Me Cry, Child | God Message Today

my beloved child I want you to feel the

warmth of my presence as you read these

words know that I am here with you right

now ready to speak to your heart cast

aside your worries for in this moment

there is no room for anxiety in your

soul you have come to me weary and

seeking Solace and I am here to pour my

love and peace upon you be brave dear

one do not let fear take hold I assure

you your prayers are being heard and the

trials that have burdened you will soon

fade away do not lose faith for you are

not abandoned and my promises will be

fulfilled place your trust in me for I

Am by your side in this battle even when

you feel exhausted and contemplate

surrender remember that it is precisely

in these moments that you must stand

strong the obstacles in your path will

crumble soon but only if you remain

steadfast do not yield to failure for

the blessings that await you are hidden

behind every setback fight on have faith

persevere and keep moving forward

without hesitation I speak these words

to you out of love for I want you to

grasp the beautiful future that awaits

marvelous things and new blessings are

on the horizon and you will rise to a

holy and Supernatural spiritual level

setting an example for your family many

read my words and witness great Miracles

yet doubt often creeps into their hearts

they may feel unworthy or believe I do

not wish to reveal my divine power to

the world they surround themselves with

negative influences that seow seeds of

doubt and settle for lives devoid of

purpose and happiness drifting away from

the grace that could transform them but

you my beloved are different you have

changed your way of thinking but you are

still human and weariness may visit you

at times I understand this well which is

why I am here to rekindle your faith I

know that you feel my words deep in your

heart and you will believe them you will

heed my call and stand tall do not give

up now Victory is on the horizon I am

here because I alone hold the bread of

life that satisfies you eternally I am

the source of Living Water that quenches

your deepest thirst no one else in this

vast Universe can lift your burdens and

provide you rest many intercede for you

and I hear their pleas but I am the one

who best this spiritual inheritance

destined for you since the beginning of

time I am the one who blesses you and no

one else so do not rely solely on your

own strength to attain worldly

possessions do not despair when your

finances falter and do not Place

unwavering trust in transient jobs or

perishable possessions know in your

heart that I am and always will be your

Shepherd and provider I implore you to

do this for me come and listen to my

message each morning then close your

eyes with a heart full of gratitude for

your life your family your present and


future cultivate thankfulness for just

as I have overcome so can you overcome

the tribulations of this world I bestow

upon you beautiful gifts from my heart

my love my understanding my friendship

my joy my Holy Spirit my wisdom and my

protection therefore rise early let your

lips overflow with praise inspired by

your loyalty

I will never forsake you and I never

want you to stray from my side place

your trust wholly in me my arms are

always open to embrace you I attentively

listen to your cries and prayers share

the hope you receive today with others

and share the blessings you will soon

receive with those in need treasure

these precious gifts and do not align

yourself with the wicked for they plot

evil and lay traps for the innocent

stealing from the needy and mocking The

Humble do not fall into the snares of

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