God Says➤ Only My Haters Will Skip This | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I want you to feel the

warmth of my presence as you read these

words please know that I am with you

right now and ready to talk to your

heart allow yourself to relax because

there is no room for stress in this

moment you’ve come to me because you’re

tired and need comfort I’m here to give

you my love and peace be brave dear one

don’t let fear take over I promise that

your prayers are being heard and the

problems that have been bothering you

will soon go away don’t give up hope I

haven’t forgotten about you and my

promises will come true trust me because

I’m with you in this fight even if

you’re tired and want to give up

remember that it’s exactly when you need

to be strong the things that are

blocking your way will soon fall apart

but only if you don’t give up don’t give

up when things go wrong the good things

that are waiting for you are hidden

behind every setback keep fighting have

faith keep going and don’t stop moving

forward I’m writing these words to You

Out of Love I want you to see the

wonderful future that lies ahead new and

wonderful blessings are on the way and

you will reach a holy and Supernatural

spiritual level that will set an example

for your family many people read my

words and see amazing things happen but

doubt often creeps into their hearts

they might feel like they aren’t good

enough or that I don’t want to show the

world my divine power they spend time

with bad people who plant doubt in their

minds as a result they settle for

meaningless and unhappy lives moving

farther away from the grace that could

change them don’t give up right now

Victory is almost here you will always

be satisfied because I am the only one

who has the bread of life I am where the

Living Water that quenches your thirst

comes from let go of your sadness it

will go away I really love you and I

want you to tell me you love me too your

time is coming and the good things I

have planned for you can’t be stopped by

a closed door say it out loud confirm it

in your mind and write it down say that

you believe in me and are ready to

accept this word of comfort and

encouragement from Heaven don’t give up

if one door shuts on you another

beautiful door is about to open and

bring something even better know that

there is a battle going on in the

Heavenly realms for your life and your

faith there are many enemies both seen

and unseen who want to stop your growth

they attack you from the outside and

hurt you from the inside even if they

stay hidden I will put people on your

path who have Divine knowledge to help

you get through these problems put

yourself down and listen to what they

say give yourself time to pray to me and

I will show you even more you will win

this battle all the problems you are

facing will fall apart in front of you I

could deliver you right away but I want

you to know how important your faith

skills and gifts are it’s not possible

to win by yourself if you take my word

back and give up your faith the enemy

will try to trap you and drag you into

the depths of Despair I do think you

have a lot of potential though you will

do great things and bless many people

your family will grow in wisdom and

humility and do well in every area of

life but we need to go on this trip

together put out your hand to me because

you’re ready to reach a spiritual level

where Fates are decided and lives are

changed today is going to be full of

wonderful and beautiful things for you

the groundwork for your future and the

future of your family is being laid

right now by people who are older than

you let them get to know me and serve me

each of them has their own gifts skills

job and a desire to learn and get ready

you should be brave enough to dream

about things that are beyond what you

can see imagine or even believe right

now it’s not meant for you and your

family to be spiritually poor

emotionally confused or in debt take

what I say to heart and learn to dream I

will make your faith stronger and give

you the tools you need to receive and

handle the good things that are coming

your way you should never feel hopeless

I’m here to help you even before you say

a word

because I’m always listening to your

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