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my beloved child I grant you the power

to control the turbulent emotions within

your mind the news you receive May alarm

you and wear you down making you feel as

though you’ve lost your strength but

believe in me once more for I am here

and nothing is a miss your life

continues and this too shall pass your

future is sealed with Divine anointing

your blessings will not be extinguished

by any adversary seeking to discourage

you with adversity I can transform all

opposition into blessings turn scarcity

into abundance and heal every ailment

within your family and your entire

household I possess the power and my

eternal desire is for you to receive all

the Wonders I have promised I am not a

man I am God and I do not lie my purpose

has remained unchanged since the dawn of

time to save you grant you eternal life

and guide you on the path of

righteousness I am the way the truth

your life Your solution so I lovingly

implore you to cling to my promises to

turn your gaze away from the deceptions

of this world I am delighted to see that

you trust me that you no longer heed the

provocations and threats aimed at

unsettling your peace filling your mind

with anger confusion false Notions and

conflicting emotions they seek to lead

you astray to ens snare you in the web

of guilt and to divert you from the

truth my love and my presence you

understand their intentions and I know

that you love me you will not allow

anyone to rench you away from the place

where you now reside surrounded by

affection and unparalleled love in your

life you have endured much loneliness

and a dir of tenderness but now I

embrace you providing Solace with Divine

strength and encouragement for I cherish

you deeply I witnessed your fears your

profound worries and I heard the cries

of your heart you sought to escape from

the problem begging for my mighty hand

to intervene urgently I understand you

completely this matter is of utmost

importance to you and much depends on

its resolution you believed that I was

angry and unwilling to assist you allow

me to make this clear you will always

need me even when things are going well

even when Prosperity surrounds you never

forget this never lower your guard for

the adversary seeks to distract you to

undermine your faith to disrupt your

plan and to wound your soul I will Aid

you in this matter that weighs heavily

on your heart today it pains me to see

you sad and troubled it is not my desire

for you to be tormented and I do not

wish for you to feel this way instead of

dwelling on the same worries repeatedly

surrender every thought to me if

thoughts of defeat creep in believe that

it is impossible you will not be

defeated for you have faith in the

almighty God if discouragement attempts

to take hold of your heart do not yield

to it for it would be a grave mistake

those who have faith in my power and

await my blessings cannot be

discouraged if the will to life slips

from your grasp utilize your faith you

believe in and serve a powerful and

Sovereign God who will ignite the Flames

of divine love within your heart filling

you with a marvelous desire to persever

hold fast to the promises I am extending

to you grasp these words that I’m

speaking to you your adversaries May

belittle you proclaiming that you are

unworthy even of life itself but you

must no longer listen to their voices I

desire for you to live and soon you will

taste feel and receive my blessings a

new your circumstances will change your

life will improve and the matters that

concern you so deeply will be resolved

in due time if you have listened to me

to this point know that it is not a mere

coincidence declare your belief in me

your commitment to persevere Despite All

Odds and your unwavering love for me

your future will transform your current

situation will improve I will intervene

supernaturally in your life and soon you

will witness the clear resolution of

your present difficulty with your own

eyes Proclaim your faith and dedication

now and tell me I believe just as I tell

you I love you you seek me in all things

and in all ways for in seeking you shall

find in asking you shall receive in

knocking the door shall be opened unto

you now Let Your Heart Take courage let

your soul rise in Hope for I Am With You

Always draw near to me and I shall draw

near to you enveloping you in my joy

guiding you with my eye upon you Delight

in me and I shall give you the desires

of your heart for your truest desire s

and my deepest Joy are one and the same

so come come to the sourcy the Fountain

of Every Blessing drink deeply from the

Waters of life that I freely offer and

remember I am with you I am for you and

in me your joy will be complete arise to

this new day the canvas I have painted

with the light of dawn fresh and ready

for The Strokes of your life’s events it

is a gift lovingly crafted for you

filled with the potential for Joy growth

and the sweetness of my presence take a

moment breathe deeply and look around

you this day is mine and I have shared

it with you so that you might Revel in

it rejoicing as we walk it together

invite me into The Narrative of your

hours speak to me of your dreams your

worries your fleeting thoughts and your

deepest longings let our conversation be

as the breath that fills your lungs

essential and

sustaining you’ll find that as you

include me in your thoughts the

trivialities that once seemed so large

will shrink back to their true size

insignificant in the light of my eternal

perspective perhaps you’ve been caught

in the undercurrent of your past the

tides pulling you away from the shores

of the present but remember I am the god

of the I am not the I

was when you feel the pull of yesty year

take my hand let me draw you back into

the now where I am with you where my

love encircles you in warm embrace let

me be your anchor beloved and together

we shall navigate the Waters of today I

am ever presentent and in me you have a

constant companion to help you face

whatever lies ahead there is no mountain

too steep no Valley too deep no Forest

too dense that we cannot Traverse

together Lean on Me draw from my

strength and you will find yourself more

than capable I am the very essence of

help a present help in times of trouble

and in times of Joy alike look for the

joy I’ve tucked into the corners of your

day it’s there in the smile of a

stranger the laughter of a child the

warmth of the sun on your face The

Melody of bird song at dawn these are my

Whispers to you tokens of my love signs

that I am with you and for you each

small pler is a brush a struck of my

grace up on the canvas of your day

acknowledge them cherish them and let

gratitude de be your song remember I

know you intimately I am familiar with

all your ways before a word is on your

tongue I know it completely I have

fashioned the intricacies of your heart

and I Delight in providing for you the

things that bring you Joy are no mystery

to me I am the author of them I crafted

them with you in mind with the intention

of dancing with you in moments of simple

happiness rejoice in this my beloved

child let your spirit be booed by the

verses of Psalm

a reminder that each day is a day

that I the Lord have made let us rejoice

and be glad in it not tomorrow not in a

future painted by ifs and Mayes but in

this very day which is a precious gift

that will only be unwrapped once let us

not waste it in every circumstance I

urge you as Thessalonians to

says to Rejoice always pray without

ceasing give thanks in all circumstances

for this is my will for you in Christ

Jesus these are not just lofty ideals

they are the very fabric of a life

interwoven with me rejoicing becomes

your strength prayer becomes your

lifeline and gratitude becomes your lens

through which all things are seen in

their true radiant light the tapestry of

your life as noted in Psalm is no

mystery to me I have poured over it with

the tender care of the master Weaver

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