God Says➤ Only I Can Protect You, If You Listen Me, Child

my beloved child you’re almost going to

win don’t worry your days will soon be

full of good things some people didn’t

do much but you prayed and worked hard

now it’s time to enjoy what your faith

and thankfulness have given you it’s

going to rain happiness from the sky you

are surrounded by my love and respect

and I want to bless you more than

anything else it doesn’t matter how you

feel about that you can find me where

you look if you are having a hard time

and feel like you are all by yourself

know this I am with you I will always be

here with you I was here with you

yesterday don’t give up hope when things

get hard don’t believe the bad things

other people may say about you just call

on me I love you you’re mine and you’re

worth a lot more than you think I’ll

always be with you I will always be with

you with your faith and drive you’ve

already beaten a lot of problems and

made it through hard times keep your

faith remember my words and feel my love

you’ve seen things that seemed

impossible become possible think about

it now who can stop you I decide what

will happen in your life and I want you

to take advantage of the spiritual gifts

I’ve given you here on Earth I am the

all powerful you’re an important part of

my family and I’m happy to call you mine

my angels have been sent to watch over

you so you don’t have to worry about

getting sick or scared all the good

things that are going to happen to you

will make you jump for for Joy remember

that everything good in your life comes

from me so be humble I will keep helping

you with me by your side to help you win

you’ll feel more sure of yourself and be

ready to take on any task when they see

my power in you they will run away now

is the time to hold your head high

forget about the hurts and Wrongs you’ve

been through in the past and trust me

again don’t look down so low that you

miss everything I have to show you lift

your face and enjoy the good things that

will happen to you because I your God

have said so I promise you beautiful

things and I will never leave you now

that you know I made everything both

seen and unseen I promise that I will

always be with you and give you my best

gifts I will always love you I’m also

looking forward to this very beautiful

moment you listen while I talk you know

I love you very much because I can tell

you I show you with a magical amount of

love that I am always with you day or

night in good times or bad I’m always on

the lookout to protect you giving you

what you need on time and in large

amounts and drawing your attention to


details I put my holy breath into your

life and make you feel at peace you will

be able to find me no matter where you

are even when you are fighting for this

moment when you call out to me and I

answer in a magical way is also very

important to me that the sun and the

breeze May shine on you in the morning

morning my love wraps around you like a

Divine blanket giving you the strength

to walk safely and turning your path of

pain into one of success so that you can

trust that nothing and no one will ever

be able to take you away from me I know

how hard things have been for you I know

about both your present and your past

today I really want you to keep my

promises don’t forget that I’ve been

there for you and holding you up you

have a life a future and a reason for

being here because I love you and I am

yours stay close to me no matter what

you’re going through or how you feel

today I’ve decided to talk to you to

reassure you that I will always be there

for you and keep my promises that will

lead you to Peaceful Waters and Lush

Meadows no longer feel any doubt in your

heart do not give in to worry or fear

again I’m working on your house your

future your attitude your plans your

dreams and your home believe in me and

let me carry out my plans for you do not

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