God Says➤ Only Evil People Will Skip This | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says only evil people will skip this

God message today Jesus affirmations my

beloved child I know you have suffered

and shed tears in silence due to your

current situation but today I am

surrounding you with my love and wiping

away your tears drink from my living

water and your body will be filled with

health your spirit renewed and your soul

will no longer thirst the enemy may rise

against you daily seeking to bring you

down but today you will stand tall

sustained by my grace the challenging

days you’ve experienced are coming to an

end I love you and my love will cast out

all fear look to me my child for nothing

is impossible for me just as I calmed

storms parted the sea and empowered

Miracles today I calm the storms within

you and give you the strength to walk on

the waves of doubt you will not sink for

I extend my hand and my Mercy upholds

you I am sending my angels to watch over

you to strengthen you as you swim

against the current a Heavenly army goes

before you assisting you in your battles

I have decreed great blessings for you

and your fears and enemies will not

Prevail for my power surpasses all

rejoice in my presence and never forget

my child that with me you are more than

a conqueror I want you to know that I

heard your prayer last night as you

cried out in your thoughts seeking

courage strength peace and security to

face life’s challenges look look at you

now you have awakened to a new day

strengthened and ready your spirit is no

longer weak or discouraged you possess

the courage to face any giant that dares

to challenge you where there was once

fear there is now Faith where there was

timidity there is now boldness yesterday

your legs may have trembled with

thoughts of the adversities that could

befall you but today you stand firm and

prepared to conquer you must rise and

move forward for I have ignited in your

spirit a fervent desire for Success

believe in my power for I have not only

guided your steps here but also provided

you with the strength to confront a

thousand Giants though the obstacles on

your path may be daunting remember that

nothing surpasses my power I have

brought you to this point and I have

never left your side in all your

struggles battles and Wars I will stand

with you by my power and love you are

more than a conqueror every giant that

rises against you is destined for defeat

I have bestowed upon you the

determination and strength you need to

overcome any

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