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my child be quiet and know that I am God

I hold a bright future for you you have

a blank canvas in your life and I will

paint a masterpiece for you with each

stroke of my Divine brush it will be a

story of Grace and trust that shows how

good I am believe in me enough to let go

and rest in me enough to be fresh I will

do great things in and through you if

you follow me I’m right here as close as

the air you breathe and the thoughts

that go through your mind when it’s dark

and the light seems far away I’m the

whisper in your heart as you walk

through this life remember that you are

not walking alone you are walking with

me your creator your sustainer your

heavenly father I have seen you my child

when you were happy and when you were

sad there are heavy things you have to

carry and storms that are very strong do

not forget get this though my love for

you is strong and doesn’t change no

matter what it is true that the world

you live in is full of problems but

these problems are also the perfect

place for your faith to grow and Bloom

think of your problems as the Chisel

that cuts the stone into the shape of

the Masterpiece that is to be made at

times when things are really hard for

you praise may seem like a strange word

to use but that’s when your faith is

strongest and most alive my child in the

face of hopelessness it is a brave Act

of trust that can be heard in the halls

of Heaven no matter how much it hurts

you when you choose to praise me you

have the power to shape stars and spin

galaxies your simple and humble praise

smells good to me and I always notice it

I have not left you defenseless in this

world full of trouble my beloved you

live in two different worlds the natural

world which can hurt and batter you and

the supernatural world where my will is

woven in into the fabric of the universe

in the real world you might trip and

fall but in the Supernatural you Fly

Like an Eagle if you trust me your

spirit can cross the gap between these

two worlds and find safety and comfort

in my

presence when it comes to the trust

muscles you have inside they get

stronger not when things are easy but

when you work hard at them when you go

through trials your faith gets stronger

it’s possible to trust lift the weight

of doubt and strengthen the Senus of

belief during every hard time take

pleasure in these times my child because

they are training grounds for you and

will bring you closer to me read my word

the scriptures that talk about my

promises my character and my love over

and over again these holy verses should

be the food that you eat every day and

the way that you find your way and look

for my face every day not not just

sometimes or rarely but with the same

steadfastness that the sun rises every

morning look at me in the quiet of your

heart and let my presence be the light

that drives out all the darkness I know

that there will be days when you don’t

feel like you can do things and your

spirit feels heavy when your own

strength seems as far away as the

farthest star remember that it is not

your own strength that keeps you going

but mine I’m the source of strength that

never runs out the stronghold that never

falls apart I make you ready for

anything and equal to anything not by

pouring power into you from the outside

but by showing you the power that has

always been inside you you are my child

made in my image and you are meant for

bigger things than you can imagine you

will not get burned if you walk through

the fire or get washed away by the

rivers because I am with you I am your

strong base and always here to help you

when you need it so I tell you my child

to get up live lift your head and look

at me whether you’re high on a mountain

or low in a valley tell me you believe

in me say it out loud so that everyone

in Heaven can hear you this isn’t a list

of things you can do it’s proof of what

I’m doing in and through you don’t worry

be brave because I’m with you have peace

of mind and don’t be scared because I

have won over the world you will find

peace and joy in me and the strength to

to handle whatever life throws at you

when you with me as we go on our journey

my child we will hold hands and follow

our hearts don’t forget that I’m always

close let’s go on a journey together

inward to the core of your thoughts

because they are the seeds that grow

into the things you do and the results

you get in life I beg you to think about

my thoughts more and more it’s not just

a way to get in shape it’s also an

invitation to a dance of divine Harmony

in which my spirit Moves In Time with

yours I made the universe with love that

is bigger than the universe itself and

my love lives in every Starry corner of

it unchanging and Endless Love is the

thread that holds everything together it

goes far beyond what you can see or even

imagine and your heart is held in this

huge tapestry in the same way that the

Sun keeps shining even when clouds

gather my love for you won’t change even

when Shadows Fall on your path path you

should know this my dear as you stand

under the vast Sky whether it’s colored

with the colors of dawn or the Dark

Velvet of night it’s just a shadow of

how stable I am as sure as the path of

the Stars I will always be faithful to

you knowing this should not move you to

a reverence that stirs the soul when you

praise me you become a mirror that shows

how great I am it is a deep truth that

when you turn your face to toward me in

genuine love you start to show the world

a clearer picture of me your light

shines like the light of a sun that

can’t be seen at night like the moon

every word of worship and every note of

a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in

the hands of the Holy Spirit making you

more like me this change doesn’t always

happen without pain but it always has a

reason don’t forget that the love that

reaches the sky also falls gently on you

the pure joy that comes from the

Heavenly Realms pours over you like a

waterfall when you look at me I will

always have a smile that shines brighter

than the Sun and my love for you will be

so strong that it will turn even the

deepest sadness into a faint sound this

love is like a NeverEnding stream and

you my beloved are welcome to dive into

it let it wash over you and let it keep

you alive and make you new no matter how

dry the desert is there is no knot that

can’t be untangled and no night that the

day can’t beat hold on to this truth and

let it be the anchor for your soul Let

It Be Your sure and steady hope yes

there will come a time when you will

rise above the clouds and my heart will

be filled with joy because there is

nothing better for a dad than to see his

kid come home the glory that lies ahead

of you is beyond words it’s a tapestry

of light life and love that’s waiting

for you to touch it and be there with it

remember that I am always with you as

you walk this Earth there is no doubt

that I am here with you just like the

air you breathe and the ground you walk

on every step you take should be in

communion with me talk to me like you

would a friend I’m interested in

everything tell me about your fears

hopes dreams and mistakes and I’ll carry

them with you so you see my love for you

isn’t something that just sits there

it’s active and Alive moving inside and

around you it’s in the way a child

laughs A stranger’s kindness and the

beauty of a sunset it is there when a

friend lends a hand or when someone hugs

you tight with this love my love every

happy moment and every sad moment is

linked when you worship have a good

heart and when you pray say what you

mean don’t forget that I hear more than

what you say I hear what’s in your heart

when I’m around there’s no need to act

fake use flowery language or make big

gestures something as simple as thank

you please help me or I trust you is

enough to move my

heart dear one as you continue your

journey keep your eyes on me let your

worship be a fragrant offering and let

your life show that I will always be

faithful to you never forget that you

are loved beyond measure and held close

by a father whose love knows no bound

think about this and keep it close to

your heart I am with you now and always

through good times and bad it is in this

Divine communion this unbreakable bond

that you will find the strength to get

through it all the grace to keep going

and the courage to spread my light to

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