God Says➤ Luck Will Leave You If You Ignore Me

my beloved child let your hands go you

will be blessed in a huge way do your

best have faith in them there are new

opportunities in the sky for you right

now but I want you to stay close to me

don’t give up your hope I want to talk

to your heart in a very close and

personal way please know that you are

loved very much and that my love for you

has no limits I want your love and faith

you see please tell me that you love me

very much say those things not because

you have to but but because you love

them with all your heart there is no way

I will ever leave your side trust me

with all your heart I am your steady

friend and the light that guides you

through the darkest nights I’m always

with you so you’ll never be alone give

your fears and worries over to me when

they take over your heart put your

problems down on my feet and I’ll carry

them for you let go of the things that

are weighing you down I am here to help

you stand up and wrap my love around you

you this new day is different from all

the others you’ve had allow yourself to

see how things are changing all around

you things will change in your life in

your family and even in the way people

around you act pay attention to the

smiles people wear as you go about your

day my strong Spirit lives inside you

people who come in contact with you will

feel my love because you carry it with

you they might not understand it but

they will feel it and your love and joy

will make their faces light up with

surprise and joy today I’m giving you

deep knowledge and a strong desire to

make your heart’s desires come true I am

sorry for your loss I want you to

believe in happiness as much as I do I

can feel everything you feel and

experience everything you go through I

want to keep you safe from danger help

you grow as a person and keep you from

being embarrassed dear change how you

feel and always have a smile on your

face even when things are bad trust that

I am with you and ready to help you with

anything have a wonderful time

celebrating the love I give you heavenly

father is with you when you praise and

worship him your worries go away and I

give you the peace that only I can give

even when things are hard you should

celebrate and be happy let your heart be

filled with joy and raise your voice to

pray and praise when they ask you why

you’re happy just say that God is with

you and Raise Your Hands In Worship

I can see your heart and your unwavering

Faith so they don’t need to understand

my strong forces are with you and ready

to fight every battle you let my divine

power work through you when you give up

and bow your head when you open your

heart to my direction let go of

everything that is holding you back and

trust that I will forgive you I can give

you a new heart because you want to

change I’m sure you’ll soon see how my

love changes your life in ways you never

thought possible my beloved always have

hope and never doubt find me at dawn

when the sun is just rising and wrapping

its warm arms around you at that very

moment my glory will shine on you making

your life bright and getting rid of the

darkness my truth will fill your heart

and your soul will be so full of power

that it will drive away sorrow give

yourself over to prayer seeking me

giving me your time and giving up your

thoughts and choices you may be going

through tough times

but remember this all things are

possible for those who believe in me

acknowledge my existence and Trust in my

power for those who have chosen to trust

me with all their strength despite the

trials they face and for those who cling

to me even when the enemy tries to sow

doubt and say that I have left them know

that my love will last forever and never

change to help you and keep an eye on

you I need one thing in return you must

always believe in me

I am your future your life your power

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