God Says➤ It’s Over If You Ignore Me Today | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I knew the joy that

awaited you the inexpressible glory

filled joy that comes from walking in my

presence come draw nearer let the walls

around your heart crumble and fall let

your spirit soar in the vastness of my

love in my presence there is fullness of

joy joy that does not hinge on

circumstances or waver with the Winds of

Change it is as enduring as my love for

you boundless and UNC attainable

remember the cross my child remember the

Thorns the nails the unyielding wood the

price of your freedom I overcame sin and

death not as a conqueror demanding

tribute but as a loving father ensuring

the future of his beloved children my

Triumph opened a path a bridge from

Earth to heaven for all who would take

hold of my grace for all who would

believe in your journey through this

world you will encounter trials of many

kinds but take heart for the outcome of

your faith the rescue and Redemption of

your very soul is safe in my hands this

assurance is yours as certain as the

dawn as unshakable as my Throne trust in

me your savior God and let this trust

spill over into uncontainable joy and in

your joy let your light shine let it

break forth like the dawn chasing away

the shadows in the lives around you you

are my Ambassador the bearer of my truth

share it generously love unconditionally

and live transparently when you align

your life with me you become part of a

greater story a narrative that stretches

beyond the temporal to the Eternal I

came to bring truth to a world ens

snared in lies to testify to the hope

that can only be found in me when you

join me in this Mission you become a

beacon for all those lost in darkness

with every act of kindness with every

word of Truth you reflect my light

enabling others to find their way to me

do not underestimate the power of your

testimony the impact of your faith for

as you live out my love in this world

you are pointing to a greater love a

love that hung on a cross that broke the

grave that offers eternal life in me you

are more than a conqueror you are a

child of the king an heir to a promise

that cannot be brok broken I Am With You

Always guiding strengthening and

cherishing you as you walk in the light

of my presence remember that the journey

is as significant as the destination for

every step you take in faith is a step

closer to my Open Arms I am waiting

always waiting for you to come home to

the place where Joy is complete and my

glory is unveiled until that day live

fully in the victory I have won for you

and let your heart be filled with the

Joy of my salvation my child the world

may tell you that Joy is fleeting that

hope is uncertain but I tell you this in

me joy is your strength hope is your

anchor and love is the currency of my

kingdom let these truths fill you to

overflowing and may your life be a

testament to the joy that I offer a joy

that is truly inexpressible and filled

with Glory don’t be like those who speak

of my love but don’t truly believe it

they are too preoccupied with the

judgments of others and submit to the

punishments and Scorn imposed upon them

many want to impose their selfish

thinking upon you they claim to love you

but seek to take from you they follow

impossible rules that they themselves

don’t follow they wear Robes of

righteousness and false Holiness

considering themselves Superior to you

no matter what you do in their eyes you

always end up as the one at fault the

guilty one I call you to total freedom

tonight you will sleep in peace and my

holy spirit will speak to you I will

heal your soul and mind Breaking All the

chains that have bound you and when you

awaken in the morning you will be free

forever your happiness will no longer

depend on people’s opinions at last you

will be who you truly are a wise

intelligent child of mine with a gentle

perseverant and courageous Spirit you

will be filled with vibrant powerful and

unwavering Faith Lean on Me In Your your

darkest moments when people offend you

and hurt your feelings when everything

around you seems to darken and you feel

like there’s no reason to go on you are

mine and I want you to Aspire to greater

things don’t settle for living in a

corner crying beneath that roof where

you only endure contempt but I love you

I will help you forgive you and restore

you I can offer you a better future with

powerful gifts and talents peace Joy Jo

and health take your rightful place

Stand Tall with dignity you are a

protected Prince or princess eternally

guarded by your Mighty Heavenly Father

speak it from your heart my child tell

me I Believe In You beloved father I

hold a miracle with your name in my

hands a matter that you and I both know

will be resolved even your own family

will be astonished those who secretly

looked down upon you and openly

criticized you will kneel before you

seeking forgiveness for the pain they

caused you they did not respect you they

missed the opportunity they were seeking

when they rejected you I will lead you

to a better environment I will Elevate

you spiritually to a place where there

is no Strife or Envy where true love

still exists there they will appreciate

the gifts and talents I have bestowed

upon you enabling you to grow and

prosper do not fear Prosperity I speak

of provision peace happiness health and

family Harmony without debts without

Sorrows from where I am I see your

miracle and it is so magnificent and

beautiful that when you witness it you

will recognize that it was worth it all

the suffering you endured your family

will understand that you were not wrong

when you told them to trust in the God

who loves them so deeply they will

repent with tears for having sinned

against me when you prayed for wisdom

and strength and they scoffed at you

thinking you were mistaken but when they

witness my powerful response to your

prayers they will ask you for

forgiveness I have chosen you for

something special to be a true blessing

to your family and your nation not to

seek riches and popularity like those

who waste their time seeking the

approval of others and are willing to do

anything for Applause and praise you are

on a different path do not stoop to eat

the crumbs they offer you look up to my

Throne that is where you belong with

your perseverance and Faith you will

reach it and you will witness all the

promises I have made to you coming true

I will work miracles through you but do

not expect people to change if they

offer you money and Applause be content

with my love which is always by your

side and the peace I provide your

Miracle is held within my hands so my

child tell me do you want it it yes or

no you have been tested and now it is

time for you to be blessed you have

suffered enough and have learned

valuable lessons from all you have

experienced you were Brave you faced

unexpected hardships it was not due to

your mistakes but rather the enemy’s

attempt to shake you like the wind

shakes the wheat I know you have

suffered and shed tears in silence due

to your current situation but today I am

surrounding you with my love and wiping

away your tears

drink from my living water and your body

will be filled with health your spirit

renewed and your soul will no longer

thirst the enemy may rise against you

daily seeking to bring you down but

today you will stand tall sustained by

my grace the challenging days you’ve

experienced are coming to an end I love

you and my love will cast out all fear

look to me my child for nothing is

impossible for me just as I calm storms

parted the sea and empowered Miracles

today I calm the storms within you and

give you the strength to walk on the

waves of doubt you will not sink for I

extend my hand and my Mercy upholds you

I am sending my angels to watch over you

to strengthen you as you swim against

the current a Heavenly army goes before

you assisting you in your battles I have

decreed great blessings for you and your

fears and enemies will not Prevail for

my power surpasses all rejoice in my

presence and never forget my child that

with me you are more than a conqueror I

want you to know that I heard your

prayer last night as you cried out in

your thoughts seeking courage strength

peace and security to face life’s

challenges look at you now you have

awakened to a new day strengthened and

ready your spirit is no longer weak or

discouraged you possess the courage to

face any giant that dares to challenge

you where there was once fear there is

now Faith where there was timidity there

is now boldness yesterday your legs may

have trembled with thoughts of the

adversities that could befall you but

today you stand firm and prepared to

conquer you must rise and move forward

for I have ignited in your spirit a

fervent desire for Success believe in my

power for I have not only guided your

steps here but also provided you with

the strength to confront a thousand

Giants though the obstacles on your path

may be daunting remember that nothing

surpasses my power I have brought you to

this point and I have never left your

side in all your struggles battles and

Wars I will stand with you by my power

and love you are more than a conqueror

every giant that rises against you is

destined for defeat I have bestowed upon

you the determination and strength you

need to overcome any challenge that

comes your way your goal is to conquer

every obstacle that arises and you will

live in abundance and perfect peace in

this moment shift your focus away from

worries and fix your eyes upon

me this is all part of a process feed

your faith with my word and fill your

mind with my promises and your fears

will dissipate with my presence in your

heart you can confront anyone and emerge

victorious in every trial rise and move

forward fight in the power of my Holy

Spirit and when you face battles no one

will prevail against you you are not

weak you are strong you possess my love

and faith remember this all things are

possible for those who believe I love

you so do not lose hope for I am here to

uphold you and provide you with the

strength to endure

I am giving you every ounce of strength

you need to continue so you will not be

crushed by the tribulations that come

your way you will feel the ability to

rise move forward face challenges and

persevere in your faith I know you have

experienced Triumph and victory before

so the situation you face today will not

conquer you you will not taste defeat or

shame listen to my words and be filled

with courage for your fervent fa faith

will witness Supernatural Miracles my

word has the power to heal your body

provide for your family and meet all

your needs your table will be filled

with abundance and joy will overflow in

your home true Prosperity will Grace

your family accept my blessings with a

humble heart and in gratitude remember

those who are struggling use your

abundance to bless and help others seek

to Aid those less for fortunate and

watch as I open the windows of Heaven

filling your home with peace and joy my

true blessings manifest in the Harmony

and stability that come to your family

in the health and wisdom that usher in

seasons of happiness and New Life

believe in me and acknowledge that a

better future is possible for those who

love me soon you will witness the

realization of many dreams you thought


unattainable I your omnipotent and

Supernatural God am always with you I

will care for you protect you and

sustain you not only today but for all


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