God Says➤ I Am In Your Room Right Now, Don’t Ignore Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child it is in the quiet

Whispers of the morning and the soft

glow of the evening that I reach out to

you seeking to touch your heart with an

Embrace warmer than the sun’s rays in

the Stillness I am there in the laughter

and the tears the triumphs and the

trials I am ever present I who sculpted

the universe and painted the sky with

stars did not hesitate to step into the

Toil and soil of Your World bearing the

weight of love that could not cannot be

contained understand my beloved that

your life is not a series of random

events but a tapestry woven with the

threads of my grace each thread is a

gift each color a blessing each pattern

a lesson of love and strength yet I see

how the darkness of ingratitude can

Cloud your vision how the chains of

discontent can bind your spirit and how

the dungeon of dissatisfaction can claim

your joy hear me then as I speak of

Freedom the kind that comes from a heart

so full of thankfulness that it

overflows yes it is in giving thanks

that you are released from the grips of

discontent when you feel the shadows of

Despair creeping upon you when the

Whispers of not enough echo in your mind

pause and look around you count the

stars number the blessings and remember

that each one was crafted with you in

mind begin a journal of gratitude if you

will let each page be a testament to the

goodness you’ve encountered the smile of

a stranger the kindness of a friend the

beauty of a sunset or the simple Miracle

of waking up to a new day these notes

will be your weapon against the lie that

you are lacking your Shield against the

onslaught of greed and my child immerse

yourself in my word just as the rain

soaks the Earth and brings forth life

let the scriptures drench your soul

sprouting seeds of wisdom and in peace

my word is alive active cutting through

the fog of confusion and lighting up

your path when I spoke the universe into

existence my word was the power that

turned chaos into order and it is the

same word that can transform your heart

and mind remember I did not merely send

commands from on high I came down to

walk beside you to show you the way to

live as an example I The Creator became

as the created to reveal a love that I

depths Heights and the expanse of time

in my actions in my words and ultimately

in My Sacrifice you see the lengths to

which I would go for you as you navigate

the currents of this life do not be

dished by the EB and flows you may

sometimes feel a drift but you are never

lost to my sight with every high tide of

joy and every low tide of challenge I’m

molding you making you stronger more

resilient and drawing you closer to me

when you are weary when the world’s

clamor muffles the song of your soul

whisper my name in that moment of

surrender you will find strength in your

weakest hour you will find my power made

perfect for it is not by your might nor

by your will but by my spirit that

you’re carried through each day so let

me remind you of the Stars the countless

lights that pierce the night sky they

are my promises to you ever fixed and

unwavering and just as the dawn chases

away the night my love is a constant

sunrise over your life dispelling

darkness and bringing forth hope with

every H that paints the horison come

then step out of the Shadow lift your

face to the light of my presence and let

gratitude be the song that dances on

your lips walk in the freedom of a

thankful heart and know that in every

step I am with you my hand guiding my

love providing my voice Whispering peace

and now dear one as you absorb these

words let them be the balm to your weary

soul in the melody that you carry into

the world spread the fragrance of

gratitude share the light of my word and

live in the boundless Joy of a heart in

communion with me my beloved child I

speak to you now not as a distant deity

perched high in the heavens but as your

everpresent father walking alongside you

in every moment of your existence I

invite you to draw near to draw from The

Well of my grace that overflows with

boundless salvation and unwavering love

the joy that bubbles forth from knowing

you are eternally saved is a testament

to the depth of my love for you in your

daily life let this truth resonate in

the very marrow of your bones for you

are mine and this connection is the

source of a spring that will never run

dry as you begin each day let your heart

swell with gratitude offer up thanks for

the Sun that Graces the sky for the

breath that fills your lungs and for the

countless blessings that I have showered

upon you and as night falls and the

Stars take their place let your final

thoughts be laced with thankfulness for

even in your Slumber I am there watching

over you my precious one know that the

salvation I have given you is not just

for your Solace but also as a beacon for

others you are a vessel brimming with

living water my spirit that yearns to

overflow into the lives of those you

touch let this living water be a balm to

the weary a comfort to the sorrowful and

a guide to the Lost call upon my spirit

within you to extend my love to others

whisper the prayer Holy Spirit think

through me live through me love through

me and witness how I work through you to

reach out in compassion and Grace as you

allow these streams of Living Water to

flow freely from within you you become a

conduit of my presence on Earth imagine

the joy that fills the heart when the

parched soul is quenched the downtrodden

spirit is lifted and the wandering

Seeker finds

Direction This Joy my child is not only

for the recipient but also for you the

bearer of my Divine spring for in giving

you too shall receive and your joy shall

be made full consider the enormity of

the gift of eternal life a promise so

profound that it transcends all


it is a treasure beyond measure a hope

that ignites the darkest of places and

it is yours freely given because of my

immeasurable love for you let this

knowledge be a constant source of

comfort and strength no matter the

trials you face for you are never alone

never without the Wellspring of life

that is my spirit within you I beckon

you to drink deeply from the wells of

Salvation Let each sip remind you of my

unwavering commitment to your

well-being as you fill yourself with

this living water remember that it is an

inexhaustible Source there is no drought

within my kingdom no shortage of Mercy

or scarcity of Grace your cup overflows

so drink and be

satisfied in those moments when you feel

distant when you question and doubt come

back to the well draw again from its

depths and let the cool refreshing truth

remind you of my unchangeable nature I

am the same yesterday today and forever

my promises are as steadfast as the

Earth beneath your feet and the heavens

above your head it reaches into the very

presence behind the veil where I am

where you will one day be with me

forever carry this hope out into the

world Let It Shine through your words

your actions and the very essence of

your being For You Are My Messenger of

Hope a beacon of light in in a world

that so desperately needs to see the

face of my perfect love let your life be

a testament to the joy that is found in

me share your story tell of the Wonders

I have worked within your heart for

every testimony is a ripple that extends

far beyond what you can see touching

lives shaping Destinies and glorifying

my name walk in the Assurance of my love

bask in the warmth of my grace and let

your heart be merry for you are love

you are cherished and you are forever

held within my Almighty hands Rejoice

beloved for your name is written in the

Book of Life and your place is secured

in my eternal

Kingdom Rejoice indeed my dear one for

the joy of your salvation is a treasure

that you carry within you a Beacon of

Hope for all to see a legacy of faith

for all to follow and a NeverEnding song

of my unending love for you

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