God Says➤ Get Ready For The Hell If You Ignore

my beloved child fix your eyes on me and

I will give you Clarity and wisdom trust

in my promises for they are firm and

unchanging in moments of Despair turn to

me and find solace in my loving Embrace

I am the god of all comfort and I long

to bring healing to your weary Soul pour

out your heart before me for I am a

compassionate listener who understands

your pain and sorrow let my peace which

surpasses all understanding guard your

heart and mind when you encounter trials

and tribulations remember that they are

not meant to break you but to refine you

through these experiences you will grow

stronger wiser and more resilient trust

in my sovereignty even when the storms

rage around you I am in control and I

will work all things together for your

good my dear children do not

underestimate the power of love love one

another as I have loved you let

compassion and kindness be the guiding

principles of your interactions forgive

as you have been forgiven and extend

Grace to those who may not deserve it in

doing so you will be a reflection of my

love in this world as you navigate the

twists and turns of life’s journey

remember that I am with you always I

will never leave you nor forsake you in

moments of Joy I celebrate with you in

moments of Sorrow I offer you comfort in

moments of confusion I provide gu

guidance you are never alone for I Am by

your side every step of the way know

this deeply my beloved your journey is

not defined by the occasional stumble or

the fleeting misstep my affection for

you is not swayed by the transient

Shadows that dance across your path your

flaws do not diminish the light of my

love for it burns Eternal and unyielding

in moments of Doubt do not fear my

judgment or Retreat from My Embrace Your

transg agressions do not sever the bond

between us they are but threads woven

into the rich tapestry of your being

each time you return humbled and

contrite your sincerity Kindles the

Flames of My Affection your honesty my

child is a beacon that pierces through

the veils of deception I cherish the

rawness of your Truth for it unveils the

depths of your soul no veil of falsehood

can obscure the purity of your heart

from my gaze

in your moments of weakness remember

this my love knows no bounds and my

forgiveness knows no end type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you you are forever

embraced in the arms of my unconditional

love in a world where many Dawn masks of

flawlessness and Holiness stepping into

my realm with intentions to cast

judgment upon those unlike them or those

who Harbor Divergent beliefs you stand

apart you do not align with those who

hastily pass verdicts cloaking

themselves in a false veil of

righteousness instead your essence

radiates Tranquility your demeanor

exudes gentleness and your thoughts

remain untainted by Prejudice even

amidst moments of stumble and fall your

resolve remains unshaken booed by a

profound sense of confidence confidence

in faith refuse to succumb to the

accusatory gaze of others for no

individual possesses the authority to

condemn you uphold this unwavering

stance of Faith enter my presence each

day with a humble heart eager to absorb

wisdom and grow in return for your

earnest pursuit of Enlightenment I shall

shower upon you Abundant Blessings

enriching your journey with boundless

Grace and guidance I understand that

your heart finds little Allure in

material possessions what truly matters

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