God Says➤ Don’t Skip Otherwise Satan Wins

my beloved child I am enriching your

life with special gifts uplifting

talents faithful Companions and a family

that will learn to value and honor you

they will witness the Miracles in your

life and I will enhance your strength

and zest for life be aware the adversary

will send pessimists in your path those

who see only Gloom and lack Faith pay

them no mind their aim is to bring you

down embrace your true self work

tirelessly and never waver remember at

every moment you are loved supported

blessed and surrounded by my warrior

Angels rise and smile for you are

precious to me I adore you and will not

leave you in this situation today I

grant you Victory I am exerting immense

power in your life in your health work

and family I am opening great doors

changing your current

circumstances my hands are actively

resolving your affairs

lift your head and weep no more for my

powerful blessings are upon you and you

shall come to my altar daily grateful

for the Wonders beginning in your life

Welcome me into your home let all within

it seek and rever me I am transforming

Hearts removing sadness and pain those

in despair will smile again I am purging

your home of sickness and want filling

every dark space with my light and

salvation I alone bring boundless love

and peace I protect your life and those

you love with my shield they are safe

under my wings shielded from harm I will

lead you on Paths of goodness and love

freeing you from worries doubts and

fears I love you and Tenderly care for

you and your loved ones open your heart

to all the love I offer spend time in my

presence in quiet places in nature where

your soul can be nourished and

rejuvenated my power Works around you

opening doors

cleansing negativity removing the causes

of Misfortune from your life I have

cleansed you from sin dispelled

weariness and lack of enthusiasm so you

may grow braver each day have faith

everything is working in your favor my

angels labor tirelessly under my command

to bless you powerfully strengthen your

faith and praise my name passionately

you are and always will be deeply loved

by me on the day you read these words

commit to renewing your faith many

trials have worn down your fervor return

to the path of trust fill your mind with

my powerful word the days of adversity

are ending and the days of pain will

pass remember when your blessings arrive

they come from my love let your faith be

vibrant and strong so when abundance

comes you won’t forget me your God and

Lord continue praying for many unseen

things are yet to come a battle wages in

the spiritual Realms I will bless you

but there is opposition Victory lies in

your faith persistence and steadfastness

in prayer seek me during the day pray at

night rise early for intercession times

are changing and my eyes roam the Earth

searching for warriors like you I will

perform Miracles through you using you

to bring Aid Comfort healing and

blessings to others in this time of

Miracles you shall be abundantly blessed

stand firm and Resolute let me remind

you cast aside the burdens that have

long weighed you down and seek my face

renew your faith for my love for you

began in the womb from the moment you

first beheld the light I chose you I

heard your first cries shared in your

laughter and watched as you took your

initial steps and falls in the quiet

nights of your dreams you called out to

me and in those hidden corners your

fears whispered secrets to me I am Jesus

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