God Says➤ Don’t Say Me Good Bye By Ignoring This

my beloved child I have seen your

repentant heart and your sincere

intentions to continue on my path to

strengthen yourself and grow you will

not return to the Past you will not

associate with the wicked again you will

distance yourself from those who

criticize and attack you and you will

seek out good people who encourage and

uplift you I want you to get to know me

in a new and genuine way to understand

that my love for you goes beyond what

you’ve heard before

I’m not upset with you I want you to

change for your betterment I will give

you the power to manage your feelings

and remain calm no matter what happens

around you I plan to change you so much

that people might not even recognize you

you’ll be full of joy no longer scared

walking confidently and speaking kindly

I’ll fill you with strong faith

reminding you of what I’ve promised

every morning when you wake up you’ll

hear my guidance leading you on good

paths and making things clear for you

I’ll protect you from hidden enemies and

deceit keeping those who want to bring

you down at Bay you’ll feel safe with my

protection around you as I look after

your peace and well-being all I ask from

you is your trust your heart your

loyalty and your total commitment to me

I don’t want to take you away from your

dreams or make you give up on what you

hope for I just want to be the first

thing in your plans letting me guide

your way as you go forward you’ll see

amazing things because my love for you

you is strong NeverEnding and real you

won’t be scared by troubles or fooled by

the world for I give you life boost your

faith and make your spiritual vision

clear my love for you Remains unaltered

by your shortcomings or the multitude of

your troubles I extend my hand to lift

you from the abyss leading you to a

realm of spiritual fortitude you are

precious to me and I declare your

freedom from Despair and anguish believe

in this love that sets you free

inscribed with indelible devotion your

Liberation is not earned but bestowed

out of boundless affection Embrace this

newfound life devoid of solitude and

fear enveloped in my tender Embrace sing

toward the harbor of Victory you shall

be crowned with eternal joy prosperity

and sacred riches impervious to theft

renounce all disbelief for your Victory

is assured secured by my promises sealed

with immense love experience this

wondrous love that fills your heart

transforming you dispelling doubts and

reaffirming your identity know that I am

here the creator of the universe to

profess my love to you let these words

resonate within you for I seek to touch

your heart here and now even if you

resist my love shall never waver

ensuring that you remain close to me

don’t Stop trusting me listen closely to

my words and you’ll see the promises

I’ve made come true in your life my dear

daughter my beloved Son you are the

finest piece of work I’ve ever created

the most valuable to me you weren’t made

by accident or by some Twist of Life

luck I’ve loved you since before you

even existed I carefully crafted you

with love and intention I gave you life

and a reason for being setting you up

for success and preparing wonderful

blessings for your journey remember this

message child the door you’ve been

persistently knocking on is about to

swing wide open get ready to step into a

realm beyond the ordinary don’t be

afraid be brave don’t be discouraged by

others deceit or hostility hold firm to

your faith and I will Elevate you above

those who oppose you they will end up

disgraced while you will walk with me

into Lush Meadows where I will guide you

beside streams of refreshing water I

will watch over you carefully

because I cherish you give me your hand

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