God Says➤ Don’t Accept The punishment, My Child

my beloved child once you commit to

following me with certainty and

determination nothing and no one can

separate you from my side your past sins

and errors have no place in your new

life for I have forgiven you you have

nothing to be ashamed of for you are a

new person my blood has purified you

broken your chains and set you free from

all evil do not dwell on the past that I

have forgotten live in the present

without fear I encourage enourage you to

start each day with a prayer asking for

my blessing whenever you’re feeling weak

or scared know that I’m there to refresh

your faith strength and hope feel free

to tell me about your worries I’ll guide

you to Solutions and show you the

answers you’re looking for my love for

you knows no bounds and will last

forever right now you can feel that love

I have the power to break down any evil

force heal every ailment and cut through

all chains of sorrow and lack I’m here

to support you in every way no one can

bring you down because I am lifting you

up no one can conquer you because I’m

your protector no one can curse you

because I’m your blessing no

discouragement can touch you for my holy

spirit is there to boost your morale

every day giving you confidence

excitement and happiness if you fully

trust in my care and love truly

believing I’m always by your side and

hold on to what I’m telling you today

your hard times will end especially when

despair hits hard when life’s attacks

push you into desperation and confusion

listen closely I am the one talking to

you I am your almighty God the creator

of everything your parent Your Leader

your buddy the ruler of your life always

ready to help when you

call I only ask for your true devotion

and Faith life’s trials might come

during weak moments but I get your

struggles deep inside side I know you

don’t want to give up if you turn back

to me saying you’re sorry and ready to

stay true to me I’ll forgive you and

give you a fresh start even if a good

person falls many times my kindness will

pick them up every single time you have

my word for Endless compassion because

with the love I give you won’t be led

astray you won’t be like those who live

a lie misusing my name or exploiting

others they might look good on the

outside but are full of Deceit instead

stay alert and steer clear of their

traps know that I have abundant love

mercy and forgiveness for you and for

those committed to my word with all

their hearts but I am also a consuming

fire I protect those I love and will not

allow them to fall into the clutches of

the Devourer therefore today I address

your spirit directly urging you to open

your ears and give me your attention I

desire your freedom I long for your

healing ing come each morning to listen

to my word and to pray entrust your life

and your family into my hands and place

total confidence in the wonderful plans

I have designed for you do not believe

those who tell you that your destiny is

misery and bitterness that your past is

so Bleak no one will give you a chance

and that your defeat is inevitable do

not believe them I’m telling you you are

mine and I will always be by your side I

love you and want the best best for you

so I’m telling you of what I promised be

brave and deal with the things that make

you feel bad my ways will lead you back

to what you’ve lost on carefully planned

routes do not forget that I died on the

cross for you and rose from the dead to

show the world how great I am keep your

distance from people who want to get in

your way and hurt you they only want to

keep you from the good things I have

planned for you they want you to lose

and have no peace purpose or reason to

live they can’t knock you down while I’m

with you though because I will always be

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