God Says➤ Devil’s Plan Will Succeed, If You Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God says Devil’s plan will succeed if

you skip vertical bar God message today

vertical bar Jesus affirmations my

beloved child this is the powerful word

I am sewing in you now pay close

attention to where you are hearing it

and keep in your heart the day and hour

stand up and look to the Horizon as far

as your eyes can see I will use your

life to bring my glory to Those Distant

lands in a foreign soil you will hear

languages you don’t speak but I will

touch you and my Holy Spirit Will

manifest through your family and you

trust in me and you will never be alone

you will find victory in the face of

your challenges I will provide

everything you need in times of

discouragement I will grant you health

strength and the perseverance to keep

going without faltering let yourself be

loved do not be afraid let those who are

insincere depart from your life and

don’t beg anyone to stay I will be your

companion on those cold evenings when

you need words of encouragement a

helping hand and a listening ear free

from judgment I will give you what you

need when you come to me on your knees

with a sincere heart do it not because I

ask but because you love me show your

commitment and loyalty in this way I’m

not impressed by outward displays of

piety I don’t listen to those who

pretend to love me publicly but Gather

in secret to harm my anointed ones and

my beloved I will reward your loyalty

your faith faith your commitment and I

will answer your prayers when you

approach me with the utmost sincerity in

your heart you already know how much I

love you I need not say more from this

day forward your fears are behind you I

strengthen your convictions and you will

no longer live in fear handin hand we

will walk towards victory with a

tranquil heart your soul embraced by my

affection and immersed in my peace so it

was so it is and so it shall be don’t be

alarmed blessings are coming your way

the time when you will reclaim many lost

things is approaching you will witness

that nothing is impossible for me A

great miracle is on its way your prayers

have been answered what I want to give

you is far better than anything you

could ask for your destiny is in my

hands and no one else is don’t look

around and don’t let negative forces

plant thoughts of failure and

foolishness in your mind mind I am with

you I cherish it when you talk to me

when you address me when you trust me

enough to confide in me your feelings I

heard you this morning I heard you

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