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my beloved child I am with you within

the morning’s first light and the

evening’s last star through tempests and

Tranquility In The Valley Of Shadows or

at top the mountain of triumphs my

promise to be your steadfast companion

endures it is a promise that weaves

through the tapestry of time and into

the Eternal Embrace hold fast to these

truths for they are the anchor in your

storms and the compass in your quests I

call you to stride with confidence on

the path of Life gripping my hand with

the trust of a child for I am the one

whose grasp is unyielding whose strength


unfailing as you place each foot forward

remember the gifts I lay before you my

enduring presence the Absolution of your

trespasses and the Assurance of

celestial Joys that await this bounty so

magnificent and boundless defies your

Earthly understanding yet it is your

yours why you might ask is worship so

vital it is because in the act of

worship You Touch the Hem Of Heaven it

Bridges the expanse between my realm and

yours offering a connection that


knowledge when you sing A Hymn when you

pour over my word when you kneel in

prayer alone or United with your

brothers and sisters you declare my

sovereignty and in that Proclamation

There Is Power behold the Myriad paths

to worship The Melody of a praise song

the commitment to scripture the quietude

of prayer or the reverence in witnessing

the Marvels I have sculpted across the

Earth and skies yet worship can also be

found in the mundane in the smile you

offer to a stranger in the comfort you

provide to the sorrowful and the bread

you share with the hungry for when you

embody my love in your actions you

elevate the most ordinary moment into to

A Hymn of worship everything you do

Every Breath You Take every word you

speak let it be a testament to my glory

for your life is a precious melody in

the Symphony of creation a Melody that I

cherish and Delight in I made the

universe with love that is bigger than

the universe itself and my love lives in

every Starry corner of it unchanging and

Endless Love is the thread that holds

everything together it goes far beyond

what you can see or even imagine and

your heart is held in this huge tapestry

in the same way that the Sun keeps

shining even when clouds gather my love

for you won’t change even when Shadows

Fall on your path you should know this

my dear as you stand under the vast Sky

whether it’s colored with the colors of

dawn or the Dark Velvet of night it’s

just a shadow of how stable I am as sure

as the path of the Stars I will always

be faithful to you you knowing this

should not move you to a reverence that

stirs the soul when you praise me you

become a mirror that shows how great I

am it is a deep truth that when you turn

your face toward me in genuine love you

start to show the world a clearer

picture of me your light shines like the

light of a sun that can’t be seen at

night like the moon every word of

worship and every note of a hymn is like

a hammer and chisel in the hands of the

Holy Spirit making you more like me this

change doesn’t always happen without

pain but it always has a reason don’t

forget that the love that reaches the

sky also falls gently on you the pure

joy that comes from the Heavenly Realms

pours over you like a waterfall when you

look at me I will always have a smile

that shines brighter than the Sun and my

love for you will be so strong that it

will turn even the deepest sadness into

a faint sound This Love is like a

NeverEnding stream and you my beloved

are welcome to dive into it let it wash

over you and let it keep you alive and

make you new no matter how dry the

desert is there is no knot that can’t be

untangled and no night that the day

can’t beat hold on to this truth and let

it be the anchor for your soul Let It Be

Your sure and steady hope yes there will

come a time when you will rise above the

clouds and my heart will be filled with

joy because there is nothing better for

a dad than to see his kid come home the

glory that lies ahead of you is beyond

words it’s a tapestry of light life and

love that’s waiting for you to touch it

and be there with it remember that I am

always with you as you walk this Earth

there is no doubt that I am here with

you just like the air you breathe and

the ground you walk on every step you

take should be in communion with me talk

to me like you would a friend I’m

interested in everything tell me about

your fears hopes dreams and mistakes and

I’ll carry them with you so you see my

love for you isn’t something that just

sits there it’s active and Alive moving

inside and around you it’s in the way a

child laughs A stranger’s kindness and

the beauty of a sunset it is there when

a friend lends a hand or when someone

hugs you tight with this love my love

every happy moment and every sad moment

is linked when you worship have a good

heart and when you pray say what you

mean don’t forget that I hear more than

what you say I hear what’s in your heart

when I’m around there’s no need to act

fake use flowery language or make big

gestures something as simple as thank

you please help me or I trust you is

enough to move my heart dear one as you

continue your Journey Keep Your Eyes On

Me let your worship be a fragrant

offering and let your life show that I

will always be faithful to you never

forget that you are loved beyond measure

and held close by a father whose love

knows no bounds think about this and

keep it close to your heart I am with

you now and always through good times

and bad it is in this Divine communion

this unbreakable bond that you will find

the strength to get through it all the

grace to keep going and the courage to

spr spre my light to every corner of the

world for I Am With You Always even to

the end of the age and this hope I have

placed within you will never disappoint

it will rise within you like the dawn a

promise of a new day a testament to the

unshakable love I have for you share it

freely share it boldly and watch as it

changes the world one heart at a time in

the quietness of this moment hear me

whisper to you for it is I the one who

molded the stars and set the heavens

into their glorious expanse who speaks

to your heart I am the author of Life

the creator of all that is seen and

unseen and I have shaped you in my own

image breathed into your very being the

breath of Eternity I am ever with you as

close as the air that Embraces you as

near as the pulse that dances in your

wrist you dear one are the bearer of my

Divine spark and inheritor of a promise

that trans transcends time that

stretches beyond the Mortal coils of

this Earth the eternal life I give to

you is not just a gift it is a covenant

a joining of my spirit with yours that

shall never be sundered you shall never

perish for how can eternity wne how can

the boundless fade no power in existence

can snatch you from my hand for my grip

is sure my strength

unfailing consider the lies of the field

how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin and yet I tell you even

Solomon in all his glory was not AR raay

like one of these if I so clothe the

grass of the field which today is alive

and tomorrow is cast into the oven will

I not much more clothe you oh you of

little faith trust in my provision lean

into my love and let your heart not be

troubled in the world you have

tribulation but be of good cheer here I

have overcome the world you may face

trials face heartaches that seem to

press the very breath from your lungs

but within these trials lies the making

of your faith the deepening of your

Soul’s Reliance on me the gift of

eternal life illuminates your path a

beacon in the darkest night a comfort in

the fiercest storm it is a light that

not only shines but also warms a

Perpetual presence that chases away the

shadows of despair

do not let the Thorns of Life deter you

they are but brief they are transient

the glory that awaits you outshines

every fleeting pain every temporary loss

it sparkles on the horizon calling you

beckoning you to press on to endure with

joy the vistas of heaven await filled

with a Radiance that dims the sun

humming with a Melody that soothes every

woe and yes there will be deep Waters

you may sometimes feel the waves lapping

at your soul threatening to overwhelm

but remember this my precious child when

you pass through the waters I am with

you and through the rivers they shall

not overflow you you are not abandoned

never forsaken my hand is there for you

to grasp firm and unwavering hold on to

me clasp on to the shity of my love I

have engraved you upon the palms of my

hands your walls are ever before me know

that nothing can separate you from my

love not tribulation nor distress nor

persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor

Peril nor sword for in all these things

you are more than a conqueror through

him who loved you let not your heart be

troubled neither Let It Be Afraid as the

mountains surround Jerusalem so I

surround you now and forever the

challenges ahead they are but

opportunities for you to witness my

faithfulness to experience the depth of

my love to grow in the grace and

knowledge of your lord and

savior walk with me not in the shackles

of dread but in the freedom of Grace

embrace the adventure the Divine Journey

that is your life in me your days are

not a series of chances but a tapestry

woven with Divine Purpose each thread

each color vibrant or dark has its place

in the Masterpiece I am creating with

your time on Earth

so as you navigate the EB and flow of

your days as you climb mountains and

Traverse valleys remember who you are

you are mine beloved and cherished you

are the joy set before me as I endured

the cross despising its shame you are

the reason I Proclaim it is finished for

in my Redemption lies your victory in my

resurrection your hope draw near to me

and I will draw near to you speak to me

in the quiet places and I will listen

look for me in the ordinary and the

mundane and you will find glimpses of

the Eternal for I am not a distant deity

but a present father a Relentless lover

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